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You are your own best Healer; the greatest "Psychic" you will ever know is right inside of you; NO ONE has better answers for inner peace and self mastery than you do!!

Join me as we take the next steps for making this a way of life - 24/7. Whether you are a new searcher or a seasoned practitioner you will thrive in a 3 1/2 hour interactive seminar. You will demystify and bring common sense to your metaphysical and spiritual experiences. You will uncover, unblock and unleash the power of your natural and innate gifts! During the workshop you will start to:

Dive into the reality of being a truly unlimited soul in the universe, blessed with vast resources to help you lead a fulfilling life during your time here.

See and Sense a person's Aura in moments and experience an uplifting "Energy Elevator" technique that shows the power and potential of our ability to accomplish anything with ease!

Understand the truths of Life After Death, Souls on the other side, the Seven Year Cycles, Inner Balance and more.

Uplift and maintain your clear, relaxed, balanced energy in any situation.

Tap your four types of psychic perceptions of Intuition(clairaudiance), Vision(clairvoyance), Prophecy(precognition and trance healing) and Feeling(clairsentience and empathetic/energy healing.)

Learn more about communicating directly and consciously with your teams of Angels/Guides to receive factual verifiable answers from this higher source of personal inspiration.

Consistently discern influencing energies: What is me? What is not me? What can I do about it!

Easily cut through negative or confusing forces with laser-beam focus, and tune yourself into a meditation in action which can channel positive, creative solutions.

Additional seminars are available including ongoing Technique Practice sessions. Dr. Kellogg is available at 505-514-2766.

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