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Gnostic Meditation
• What we'll do We will have an introduction explanation about the meditation, after that we will meditate with the help of breathing exercises. • What to bring wear comfortable, ( whatever you feel comfortable with) • Important to know You may want to bring a notebook

Millard Library

13214 Westwood Lane · Omaha, NE

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What we're about

Nebraska School of Gnosis is a not-for-profit organization formed to create a nurturing environment of spiritual activity and study for anyone who wishes to learn more about modern Gnosis and its universal message of spiritual awakening. Gnosis teaches the Doctrine of the Synthesis; it is the synthesis of the esoteric teachings of all religions and systems for the realization of the Inner Self.

The teachings, practices and spiritual messages explored reveal a powerful personal journey at the root of all religions, sacred cultures, and mystical schools. It is a message of light, of spiritual change, of discovering truth, overcoming darkness and awakening understanding, compassion, peace and love within ourselves, for the good of all. It is a message of timeless and universal spirituality; one which unites the heart of every man and woman.

Our focus is on keeping things practical by providing simple and easy-to-use techniques that empower people to have personal and direct experiences of all things spiritual. To nurture the connection with the spiritual, we organize:

Retreats • workshops • courses • sacred ceremonies • book studies • online courses • outdoor activities & guided walks • spiritual movie nights • art & music events • and much more…

It’s Free

All our courses and workshops are free because real spirituality should never cost money or be given for profit. We hope to provide the opportunity for anyone interested in delving deeper to uncover for themselves the mystical and esoteric side of life.

Donations are welcome and go to help on-going efforts of holding free spiritual events in Nebraska.

Esoteric Teachings Explained

The word “Esoteric” derives from the Greek esôterikos, a compound of esô meaning "within". An esoteric study is an inward journey, an internal experience of the mystical, spiritual and eternal. True esoteric knowledge about spirituality is found within a person and comes from personal exploration, investigation and direct inner experience, and is not based on blind beliefs or a rigid interpretation of written doctrine.

Esoteric teachings can be found in many ancient texts, scriptures and religions. These teachings reveal an ancient message, passed down through the mists of time for the benefit of all humanity; a practical guide to achieve profound inner transformation where individual consciousness can be developed, awakened, and integrated with divinity. Esoteric teachings can be explored and practiced today in everyday life.

Topics explored:

* The Psychological: Embark upon a profound journey of self-discovery. Shine light upon psychological patterns within: thoughts, feelings and emotions. Remove and gain understanding of unwanted lower inner states and replace them with the spiritual qualities of the consciousness (the eternal essence). Learn how to overcome inner obstacles and bring positive change to your life, increasing wisdom, happiness, love, understanding and inner peace.

* The Mystical: Explore Out-of-Body Experiences, Astral Travel and the process of sleep. Learn about Dreams and their symbolism. Delve into Meditation and other mystical practices like Awareness, Being in the Present Moment, Mantras and other techniques to experience the spiritual.

* The Revolutionary: Learn about the universal spiritual path to awakening, the purpose of life and death, and the transformation of an ordinary person into a spiritual being.

Lecture topics include: the Consciousness, the Ego, the Personality, the Mind, the Sins of the Unconscious and the Virtues of the Consciousness, The Being, The Study of dreams, Meditation, Parallel Worlds, the World of Dreams , Astral projection, Lucid Dreaming, The Fourth Dimension, The Human Machine, Elementals of Nature, the Law of Karma, The Seven Bodies, the Chakras, ESP development, Beyond Death, Transcendental Sexuality, Theurgy, Shape-shifting, Fairies, Gnomes, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Divine Laws, the Tribunals of Karma, How to End Suffering, How to Eliminate Psychological Defects, Reincarnation, Remembering Past Lives, The Origin of the Earth and its Races, Other Worlds, Hermetic Astrology, Angels, he Law of 3 and the Law of 7, Immortality, How to Develop of Love and Compassion Within and much more!

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