• Creative Collaboration: Nebraska UX @ Kiewit University

    Presenters: Nicole Barnason (UX Designer), Natalie Munger (UX Designer), Derek Watson (UI Designer), and Ryan Huber (UI Designer) About the Talk: We will explore how bringing people together in a workshop can be an effective means to collect knowledge, generate new ideas, and design solutions. Even with the best intentions and ideas, workshops often provide unexpected and disappointing outputs. We will show you the methods our team uses in order to avoid those potential pitfalls so that you can bring maximum value to your teams. Agenda: 6:30 pm - Doors Open 6:30 – 7:00 pm – Networking, pizza and non-alcoholic drinks on Kiewit University’s 1st floor. 7:00 – 8:00 pm- Presentation and Q&A on Kiewit University’s 1st-floor auditorium 8:00 – 8:30 pm – Guests depart

  • Behind the Uniform - The Story of Hudl's Design System

    Hudl (Agile Sports Technologies)

    Presenters: Miranda Bouck (Product Owner & Designer) and Michael Fouquet (Lead Product Designer) About the Talk: We want to share the detailed story of our system so that you can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes we made. We'll share the history of Uniform and the process we went through to pitch it and secure resources. Of course, we'll also get in to the gory technical and design details. This talk will feature content benefiting PMs, designers, and developers. We hope that our advice can save you from a few stubbed toes, skinned knees, or worse, in your journey to design, build, deploy and maintain a design system within your organization. Agenda: 6:30 - Doors open 6:30-7:00 - Networking, light appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks on Hudl's 7th floor 7:00-7:45 - Presentation and Q&A on 5th floor 7:45-8:30 - Guests depart

  • Let's Talk Conversation Design: Nebraska UX @ Farm Credit Services of America

    There's a giant change happening in the way we interact with technology, and if you listen you can hear it. You can hear it in the way we live, work and play. Voice is poised to become the predominant way humans interact with technology and Conversation Design provides a roadmap of what’s possible and how to get there. In this session, Bryan Trogdon will discuss what Conversation Design is, why it's important, how it works, and some first steps you can start taking to prepare your organization. Pizza & pop will be provided. Doors open at 5:30 and the presentation will begin at 6:00.

  • Nebraska UX @ Gallup


    What happens when you get tasked with making something that was very developer focused to making it more user focused? We've brought together product owners, designers, developers, and usability and accessibility specialists to tell their part of how we flipped our client dashboard to made it a better user experience. We'll outline how our product owners approached us with the idea, how we built it, and what happened when we finally released it and started soliciting feedback. Schedule: 6:00-6:30 - Networking - Pizza and pop provided. 6:30-7:45 - Presentation and Q&A 7:45-8:00 - Tours and Networking

  • Brooklyn's Josh Clark: Design System Superpowers @ SR - Get Tickets Now!

    Hello UX Group! Our event is today! Please make sure you purchase your tickets at www.swansonrussell.com/joshclark. It includes the Josh Clark presentation, Food and Drink (free beer on tap, cash bar is available), tours of our new office, tailgating fun, networking and "Meet & Greet" with Josh Clark after the presentation. A little note from josh clark below: ----- Public Event Topic: Stronger, better, faster: design system superpowers “Design systems are the new hotness for helping designers and developers roll out beautiful, cohesive applications faster than ever before. Join UX designer Josh Clark as he explores the superpowers these systems can give designers—but also some of the reasons why those superpowers fizzle out or fail to materialize at all. Learn why your Sketch library isn’t really a design system. See why the most exciting design systems are boring (in a good way!). Find out why design systems are ushering out wireframes and comps—and what you should do instead. Learn to avoid creating cookie-cutter experiences with your system, and instead unlock new heights of innovation. And don’t tell the developers but find out why our job is secretly to serve them—and how design systems help do just that.” – Josh Clark ----- Tickets are $49. RSVP'ing on this Meetup will not guarantee you a spot. Groups of 5 or more contact Johnny ([masked]) for a group discount! Again, please use the official Eventbrite page: www.swansonrussell.com/joshclark

  • September - Omaha - Thinking Design Systems @ Aviture

    With scalability and reuse at the center of Aviture's current clients' needs, we have adopted "Design Systems" thinking into our global processes, changing everything from how we engage with our clients and their customers to better function as a development team. During this presentation we will have a friendly competition to explore why naming conventions are important and how we learned how to utilize them as a team.

  • Nebraska UX + NebraskaProduct @ Hudl

    Hudl HQ

    In many technology companies, cross-functional teams assemble to discover, design, and deliver products to delight their end users and drive business results. Product and UX make up two key roles within these product teams, yet sometimes the roles and responsibility can blur. In this combined meetup between Nebraska UX and NebraskaProduct, our panelists will provide perspective on the partnership between UX and PM. They'll share processes, lessons learned, and advice for maintaining healthy relationships between roles. Amanda Kohler from Buildertrend will moderate our panel whose members work on product and design teams at: · Hudl · Spreetail · Buildertrend · Quantum Workplace

  • UX Dark Patterns @ Gallup


    User experience design brings clarity, removes obstacles. It rewards - makes us feel accomplished, successful... happy. Users are confident when using a well-designed application - as easy as turning on a light switch: "Buy" "Don't make me think" - did I opt in? "Don't make me think" - was that a hidden fee? Join us as we explore the wild world of user manipulation. The Bait and Switch. Trick Questions. Misdirection. Confirm-shaming! Discover the latest ways UX designers trick their users, how easy it is to do by accident and how it affects your brand. [ Sounds great ] [ No, I hate knowing things ] Schedule: 6:00-6:45- Networking - Pizza and pop provided. 6:45-7:30- Presentation 7:30-8:00- Tours and Networking

  • May Nebraska UX at Spreetail in Lincoln


    We're excited to host the May Nebraska UX meetup at Spreetail and unveil our latest office expansion on Nebraska Innovation Campus. Join us for networking, food, drinks, tours, and two presentations from UXers @ Spreetail, Laura Bergen and Patrick Jackman. PRESENTATION 1: The UX Design Iceberg - Exploring What Makes a Great User Experience There's much more that goes into user experience than what meets the eye. Laura Bergen will discuss this popular framework for making sense of the different skills required to design a great UX, and how it fits into Spreetail. PRESENTATION 2: A Curious Thing – Maintaining a Sense of Wonder in Design Stagnation is the opposite of progress. No one wants to feel stagnant, yet it can be so easy to fall into a rut if we’re not careful. Our own Patrick Jackman discusses staying curious and creative in our craft with a learner's mentality. Agenda: 6:00 - 7:00: Networking, food, and drinks 7:00 - 7:45: Presentations 7:45 - 8:30: Networking and short tours

  • Audrey Crane Presents "Just Make it Sparkle!" @ TEAM Software in Omaha

    Agenda: 6:00 - 6:45 - Guests arrive. Food, drinks and networking. 6:45 - 7:30 - Presentation, Q&A 7:30 - 8:00/8:30 - Networking. Guests depart. --- Audrey Crane Presents: "Just Make It Sparkle!" What do you do when you get a napkin sketch? We've all been there. Someone sketches a quick solution in an email or on the back of a napkin and hands it to you. "Just make it look good," they demand. Maybe the creator ran out of time. Maybe they think it's the perfect solution. Maybe they believe you have little to offer besides "making it sparkle". This talk is about how to how to work with that person. Audrey will teach us to understand their goals and to own our roles as a designers in that situation. --- Audrey's Bio: Audrey is a Partner at DesignMap, where they design complex web and mobile apps for B2B clients like Docker and Salesforce, as well as B2C products for clients like eBay and The Bold Italic. She started in high tech 15 years ago as an Executive Producer at Netscape, where she managed high-profile products such as Net Search and Netscape’s advertising program. For 6 years, she worked at Dubberly Design Office with clients like Sun, Palm, Stanford, Revolution Health, and Opsware. She also served as the Vice President of Design at The Magellan Network, where the team won NNG's Top 10 Best UI Awards. Audrey studied Mathematics, English, and Theater during her undergraduate work. She studied design at UC Berkeley and California College of Arts (CCA). She tweets at @audcrane. Network with her on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/audcrane