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Nectar Community - Nourishing Me Through We

Nectar Community is a community designed for and by women to redefine the way women gather, work, and play.

We are first and foremost a community of women, supporting each other in living lives that are intentionally nourishing.

We have a physical space here in Greenville, SC, on W Antrim Dr, that is used as our central hub for all things Nectar Community.
Our space is dedicated for co-working women during the weekday hours (M-F 9am-3pm) and offers a large range of classes and events on nights and weekends.

We have a variety of ways for women to get involved with Nectar Community, from full memberships that include co-working hours, classes, workshops, etc, to drop in rates for one day of co-working or one class, to FREE gatherings for business networking (although our networking gatherings are not your usual "grip and grin", we focus on community building and encouraging other women to be seen, find their authentic voices, and be courageous out in the world as an imperative practice to build their businesses.) we also have free annual art shows, fairs, clothes swaps, and so much more!

The events posted in this Meetup group are all across the board, some free (it will mention price and or a way to sign up in each event page) some with a cost.

Our teachers are also our members! Members are encouraged to share their passions, their expertise, or their skill with the community as a way for all of us to grow, and be nourished! Some of our teachers have their own businesses, some just a desire to share their passion or their talent with all of us!

Nectar Community also has it's own Social Media app, to be able to connect with women from all around the world!

Feel free to reach out to one of our co-founders, Sara, to get more info, or to connect!

Welcome to Nectar Community!

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