🌟 NEW -Webinar- Pixel & Reference in 2020🌟

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🌟🌟Everything You Need To Know About Responsive Images🌟🌟

Images get a lot more possibilities in the area of responsive design with the new power of responsive images. In this talk, we will talk about all those new powers!

What we will talk about:
- Source set
- Pixel Density Descriptor
- Width Descriptor
- Sizes Attribute
- What is a Pixel?!
- Picture HTML element
- Art Direction Method with Picture HTML element
- Support image types with Picture HTML element
- Responsive Images in CSS
- Image-set() function for background images
- Media Queries for High-Density Screens

I’m Elad Shechter, a Web Developer specializing in CSS & HTML design and architecture.

🌟🌟A story of a Reference🌟🌟

References are a useful tool for many developers.
In this session, we will jump to a playground of references, and see:
- What should be our consideration when we are using references
- When we should avoid it
- How powerful it might be with our without react

Attendees will leave with a variety of focused tips for improving their skills in UI (mostly forms), and handy techniques to simplify your component logic.

Ronen Mars is an inspired full-stack Web Developer working at BigPanda.io, specializing in Frontend and architecture. He is passionate about JS, new technologies, and enjoys funny parrot gifs and film photography.