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Learn Mindfulness Eating To Stop Stress Eating
Have you heard of the new path to lasting Weight Loss called Intuitive Eating? Intuitive Eating is clinically proven to reduce binge eating by 80% and can help you have a normal relationship with food. My name’s Jared and I learned Intuitive Eating when I lived as a Zen Monk for 13 months. Before I was binge eating and underweight but now I’m comfortable in my body! Woot!!! In 2018, I was awarded a Thumbtack Personal Trainer award and have helped 19 people return to food normalcy and lose weight. In this meetup, I’m giving a quick 15-30 minute presentation about Intuitive Eating. By signing up using the Eventbrite Link below, you’ll get a free copy of my 33 page Ebook “5 Enlightened Truths To Lose Weight Naturally”. By attending this meetup, you’ll learn: - The secret causing all diets to fail you and make you gain weight - The 3 core, scientific principles behind Intuitive Eating (and I’m talking robust science here like meta-analysis) - Why sugar, fat, and carbs are totally okay Register using the link below:

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    What we're about

    Want to learn how to eat candy and lose weight?

    Of course you can’t survive on just candy …

    But there is new Anti-Diet weight loss approach.

    This new scientific program gives you Freedom To Eat Anything – including candy.

    Sounds crazy, huh? It’s the exact opposite of dieting and that’s why it works!

    I used these principles to cure my binge eating.

    Back in high school I was a wrestler who desperately wanted to fit in. So I developed terrible eating habits and had low self-esteem.

    I even had the worst inner critic you could imagine…

    This inner critic even drove me to completely abandon my friends and family!!!

    I literally was so depressed with myself that I didn’t go to college graduation and became a Buddhist monk instead.

    But as a monk I still had all my bad eating habits, especially binge eating. I hated myself for these bad patterns!

    I remember even binge eating on the vegetarian food the Buddhist monks served and feeling nearly hopeless!

    But fortunately, I had a chance to do yoga, mindfully meditate and heal myself for 13 months.

    I realized a few highly important mindsets that I want to briefly describe:

    #1 Dieting is suffering and you can’t STICK WITH something you hate#2 Subconscious scarcity mindsets are the real cause of compulsive eating and the consequential self-hatred#3 There is a ‘Yoga’ To Weight Loss. By this I mean, Weight Loss can be a positive, transformative journey which actually makes you happy!!Can you imagine a diet ever making you happy when you hate every step of the way?

    And the last truth …

    #4 You have the truth within you. Health lies within you. And hunger is your guide to healing.

    And following these 4 principles, I can safely say this journey healed me.I went from an anemic, nearly anorexic to my current natural weight today.

    I started working as a Personal Trainer, a Wellness Coach and a Yoga Teacher for a few years …

    And I became so motivated to help other people avoid these struggles that I got my Master’s In Counseling degree from Santa Clara University.

    I had been getting testimonial after testimonial (you can see them here at

    When I realized …

    Very few experts are thinking about weight loss like me.

    So just the other day I had a realization.

    I should teach people a few of the core principles which make up my approach to weight loss, which I call Weight Loss Enlightenment!

    And yes, a core component of Weight Loss Enlightenment is realizing …You can eat anything!

    There’s no food off limits, including chocolate and candy! It's the Anti-Diet approach that's even backed by empirical science. No fake news, I swear.

    Visit to see over 100 studies from major universities all supporting this approach.

    So in these workshop I am going to teach you 3 things:1. How to mindfully eat (and stop overeating)2. How to notice your hunger so you can learn to trust your bodies again3. How to not feel guilty and feel hopeful about weight loss again

    I teach these 3 steps to clients (and a few other steps as well) and my clients see massive results!

    Again, check out to see what I mean!

    You can also see me on Youtube or podcasting or follow me on Instagram/Facebook.

    But I am really sorry …

    Because I only want to teach 5 people at a maximum these principles.

    I want to get to know everybody who attends this workshop and personalize instruction for them.

    Plus, I don’t know when I’ll do this workshop again.

    So here’s what you can do.1. Only sign up if you have tried dieting before and KNOW dieting doesn’t work for you. 2. If you do sign up, show up!3. And be prepared to eat some candy and learn 😊

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