What we're about

Sailors, Vikings, Swashbucklers, Shipwrights, and Bards meeting.

Who we are - a diverse group of people who are interested in learning all things related to gathering the necessary information and competence to sail away.

Lessons will include:

Sailing - how to travel by water quickly without electricity or petrol

Boat repair - fiberglass, wooden, concrete, and steel

Fire-building (without using a lighter or matches)

Welding - both for repair and for creative purposes

Casting - both for repair and for creative purposes

Cooking without electricity - another lost art

Rope-making - another lost art

Weaving - another lost art

Musical instruments - of all types

Brewing - beer, wine, etc.

Hunting - because agriculture is not possible in all parts of the world

Firearm use (correctly and safely)

Glass blowing

Carpentry skills

Husbandry (not the marriage kind)

Botanical lore (both local and otherwise) - everything can be poisonous depending on its use

Pottery making - another lost art

Electricity generation

Radio skills

Basic medical skills - CPR, basic suturing, how to recognize and treat the most common illnesses, how the immune system works

*The Original Neo-Swashbucklers were a group created by Tampico Jack in the early 2000s. He and his band of followers believed in the Great Collapse of Civilization, and they were preparing to hijack the tall ship Elissa down in Galveston (http://www.galvestonhistory.org/attractions...) and rendezvous somewhere in the Caribbean. This group does not necessarily concur with these ideas. We do however believe that we should eat, drink, be merry, and sail as much as possible, because tomorrow we may die!

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