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Join a group of fellow Rubyists to hang out for a quick chat, gather tips or engage in discussions.

We are the Nepal Ruby and Rails Users Group and we gladly invite you to our next meetup. We try to meet once a month, roughly every last Tuesday of the month.
Previous Talks can be found on our YouTube channel (youtube.com/@RubyNepal)
The meetups are usually geared towards:
• Learning new and interesting stuff about Ruby/Rails & related technologies
• How we can foster & grow our local Ruby community
• Have fun together

Speaker Proposals: If you have a pertinent subject matter that you'd like to present to the group at an upcoming meetup - enlist it in our Talk Proposal App - with a short bio and description of your presentation. If you have any questions, queries, things you want to learn more about or something interesting to demo and share your experience, that's even better.

See you soon at the next Kathmandu Ruby Meetup!

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Ruby and Rails Nepal meetup - Episode #25

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Hello RubyNepal community!

We would like to welcome all to our regular monthly meetup.


  • 17:50 - E-admittance Open
  • 18:00 - Welcome notes
  • Talk 1 - "The Open Closed Principle - SOLID Principles" by Aadil Tuladhar

In most of the cases, the larger your application, the greater number of bugs is introduced. Sometimes while implementing a new functionality makes us feel scared of breaking other parts of the code, so to reduce these large modification on existing code while adding a functionality, we should follow the O of the SOLID Principle which is the Open Closed Principle. It tells us to write a block of code in such a way that it should not be massively modified while adding a new functionality related to it in the future.

Aadil Tuladhar is a Software Engineer at Truemark Technology. He has been working been just more than a year learning and working with Rails and he's loving it. You can find Aadil on Github.

  • Job Vacancy and Announcements
  • -- Social Time! --
  • Zoom call will be closed by 20:00

P.S. Please feel free to share on social media.

Previous Talks can be found on youtube.com/@RubyNepal

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Ruby and Rails Nepal meetup - Episode #24

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