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Welcome to Nerd Network. You ever feel left out with your friends? Do you ever feel like:

• Dressing as Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Thor, or an Anime character your friends don’t know about;

• Spending hours playing card games like Pokémon or Magic;

• Attend a workshop that helps you build props or create costumes;

• Playing in a Lan Party

• Having a Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, or Harry Potter movie marathon;

• Go to a Pokestop rich area and go Pokemon Go hunting;

• Learned how to do magic tricks but don't have an audience;

• Shop or be a vendor at a Nerd Marketplace;

• Partying with other like minded people.

Wouldn’t you like to do all this and more without your friends making fun of your geekiness? We, we at Nerd Network embrace your nerd! Our goal is to do as many fun nerd-related activities as possible.

At our meetings, we will talk about what the group wants to do and plan events that you can come to and enjoy yourself (and maybe bring along friends so we can convert them too). While our focus will be at having fun activities, we also want to do stuff for the community. Many public libraries and schools are looking for people who Cosplay for their events (Reading programs, Comic Conventions, Star Wars day, etc). We want to provide these places a network of willing Cosplayers who will promote reading and share our love of comics, scifi, etc.

So, if you think you want to be part of a large collection of nerds and plan cool gatherings, come on by one of our meetups. We currently have two locations - one in Riverside and the other in San Bernardino – but plan to expand once we have a place to host our meetings. So come join us and bring a friend if you can.

-Nerd Network

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