What we're about

You like learning things, going to museums, science lectures, and you can't get your regular crew to go with you.

Perhaps you went to engineering school, but you use hair conditioner anyway.

You're intelligent and you have social skills, even tho you might have a video game or two on your hard drive.

If you're willing to let your geek flag fly, please join us. Event suggestions encouraged.

And, if there's something you want to go to that our organizers can't make, we can post the event anyway to rally the Nerd Herd to keep you company. Just let us know.


Hair conditioner optional.

The Nerd Fun Creed:

Nerds RSVP "yes" only when they're sure they can show - 'cuz Nerds are wicked smart and are able to plan ahead reliably - Nerds don't let their fellow nerds down.
Nerds also know how to set up email filters so they can handle the quantity of email that meetup produces. ;-)
Assistant organizers have the right to disallow you from coming to an event if they can't see a photo of you on your profile page.
The Nerd Fun organizers are not responsible for any personal risk anyone might take while attending an event. Use your common sense, be safe.

And while you're here, please donate to our favorite charities, click here to see .

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The *Virtual* Magic Lab: An Open Mic Magic Show

See comments below to reserve a ticket.

• What we'll do The Magic Lab is an open mic magic show - and we're virtual until it's safe to be in-person again. Grab a ticket, and sign up to either be in the live Zoom audience (where you can be on camera and can volunteer to help out), or join by watching the Facebook Livestream. • Important to know You must get tickets to watch the show. Tickets are free, but seating in the Zoom audience is limited-- so RSVP and grab a ticket. You'll get a link to the show in your emailed ticket. Details for donations will be given during the show.

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The *Virtual* Magic Lab: An Open Mic Magic Show

See comments below to reserve a ticket.

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