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Hurting Brains: Conflict, Mental Illness, Self-Control (Free Lecture)

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Show up at 6:00 if you do not have an Eventbrite reservation and get on the MOS Waitlist to get in.

With a flake of snow in the sky and Obama in Cambridge, there will be lots of no-shows so you will most likely get in.

My prediction is 40+ empty seats.

It's a sell out. anyone with no reservation can show up at 6:00 on the day of and add your name to the museum's standby list. There are ALWAYS empty seats available so if you show you'll get in more than likely (but don't quote me).

When we are in danger, our brains trigger the body's stress response, optimizing our physical capabilities and mental faculties so we have the best chance of surviving. But what happens when that stress response is needed for survival every day over months or years? Can conflict, violence, substance abuse, and poverty alter our genes and get passed down generationally?

Investigate the impact of conflict — internal and external — on the brain and the tenuous path that certain brains must endure.

With Joshua Buckholtz, PhD, assistant professor of psychology, Harvard University
Jack Shonkoff, MD, director, Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University
Jessica Stern, PhD, author, DENIAL: A Memoir of Terror and Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill Moderated by Timothy Phillips, cochair and cofounder, Beyond Conflict

Advance registration begins at 9:00 am, Wednesday, February 19 (Monday, February 17 for Museum members).

This program is free thanks to the generosity of the Lowell Institute.

Drinks at Dante after the Lecture:

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