What we're about

For each Nerd Therapy session, we curate a panel of industry thought leaders to drive an engaging discussion featuring multiple perspectives on the busy intersections of business and technology. Nerd Therapy panelists bring a seasoned point of view and knack for offering informed recommendations based on their own professional experiences, differing backgrounds and diverse perspectives. Guests can expect constant interaction with our panelists – a steady, free-flowing back-and-forth discussion.

Nerd Therapy is geared toward business leaders, product owners, project managers and decision makers – and, really, for any future-focused person whose business or company could be furthered through digital services, products and experiences.

Each Nerd Therapy session will start with networking followed by our panel discussion. Events will cover things like IoT, Cloud, platform modernization and many other topics to guide you on your digital journey. Be a nerd; talking it through together is therapeutic. Nerd Therapy is an event for you to network with industry leaders, learn and connect with people throughout the tech and business communities and have some fun while doing it.

Check out recent Nerd Therapy Events - https://youtu.be/BcUFsxqNXgU

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