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Announcing the: "Welcome to Summer" potluck/party at the Dragon house.
Which is also a housewarming party for our new Housemate May (who is a climber and welder), and a welcome to the neighborhood party for our new neighbor Erin (who is a project manager and a costumer) We will have the fire pit lit, and the trampoline open, and we may also have the climbing chimney open as well as the inside climbing wall, and Jade (a former housemate) has said that she will be on hand to give tours of the house to reveal all the secrets hidden inside. and there are a few new small ones since last time. June 23rd (Saturday) at 3:00PM (of course you can come early - but the price will be that you will have to help set things up...) at the Dragon House on the corner of 44th and Brandon, and you can't miss the place, there is, well, a Dragon on the corner. If you need the legitimate address, it's[masked]th Ave SW. As far as the potluck. We here at the Dragon House believe in having a civilized gathering of folks, so I will happily be providing proper silverware and plates at this event. What does it mean to be civilized - other than not eating off throwaway plates and utensils? It's a "Leave no Trace" philosophy, like in the burning Man community... and that means: Wash your dishes when you are done gorging yourself on the yummies that are here. As far as food? Lets try this as a construct... Try to "win" the potluck. My definition of winning is bringing something so compelling that it gets gobbled up first. Now I'd like to note this is not about spending a million hours preparing something - though you are free to do so, and it's also not about spending loads of money on something to share (though again, you are free to do so), it's about putting some thought into something you want to share with everyone. It's about NOT running late and buying a random bag of lays chips on the way here. It's about wanting people to seek you out to talk about how wonderful the thing you brought is. Set the bar there, and we will all be able to gorge ourselves on the most amazing bounty of yumminess you can imagine. I invite people from a number of groups tothese potlucks, so there is a wide variety of folks here, and it's always a most interesting time with great conversation to be had. If anyone has trouble finding the place, please just give me a ring at (206)[masked]. Since there is a trampoline in play, I should share with you the Trampoline rules. There are three: 1: No shoes, sharp things or bodily fluids on the trampoline. If you need to barf after spinning round in the air too many times - get off it first. 2: No getting hurt. Octagons have GREAT positional control, so there is no excuse for bouncing off the side of the trampoline and breaking your pointy little head... or other body parts. 3: Don't be a dick. You do NOT get to climb on the trampoline and double bounce someone unless they invite you to. Any non-consensual bouncing will lead to being banned from the trampoline. So, some one, come all, bring partners, family, coworkers and friends, bring your kids, and I hope to see you all here. P.S. If you want to share this, here is the facebook event link:

The Dragon House

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