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Currently, Nerdy Girls OKC is hosting a mix of in-person and virtual events. Requirements for in-person events will be clearly listed in the event description. If you have any questions, please reach out to the host of the event.

Nerdy Girls OKC is the founding chapter of Nerdy Girls Association with sister chapters in Tulsa and Nashville.

The mission of the Nerdy Girls Association is to create intelligent communities to empower women. Members are encouraged to participate in and become a part of the culture around them through education, arts, and volunteerism. Our community events aim to support local business and to initiate involvement between members and their neighborhood leaders.

Nerdy Girls members are a network of intelligent women from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Members share skills and knowledge across the group in order to educate and to be educated. Nerdy Girls use these collective skills to strengthen our communities.

We support the visibility of women in professional fields, ranging from the arts and academia to science and mathematics, and the encouragement of young women to move into these fields. We encourage women to identify as nerdy, intelligent, creative, techie, artistic, educated, and more.

If you have any questions, message Co-Organizers Anna or Laurie.

NEW FOR 2020: No dues for at least 6 months! We are going to see how this goes. Please join us.


Below is our Nerdiquette. You will get an email with this information, but review it here.


You will be greeted with open arms. Nerdy Girls welcomes women and non-binary people from all different walks of life to join our groups. We want to hear your stories, your experiences, what makes you, well — you!


You will be shown respect. Inappropriate, disrespectful behavior and harassment are not tolerated at both our events and our social media sites. Behavior or content that is offensive or promotes bigotry and hatred against any individual or group will not be tolerated.


We work hard to embrace and celebrate all brands of nerdy/geeky/etc of women from diverse backgrounds. Believe us, you are not the “wrong” kind of nerdy. Nerdy Girls is a safe space to geek out over what you love, regardless of what that is!

But we do have a few ground rules…

To help your Nerdy Girls chapter be the the best it can be, please familiarize yourself with some basic Meetup group etiquette. Have a question you don’t see answered here? Talk to Anna or Laurie.

Be aware. By joining Nerdy Girls OKC, you are agreeing to the release of liability as outlined in Meetup TOS 6.2 not just between you and Meetup, but also between the Co-Organizers, Assistant Organizers, Event Organizers, Event Hosts and/or any member who is facilitating an official Nerdy Girls OKC event. You may be asked to sign waivers of liability at special events where the hosting organization of the event requires it. Your Nerdy Girls organizers put forth every effort to minimize injuries or accidents at our events, and we ask that you follow any instruction from organizers, especially in regard to personal safety for you and other members of the group.

Be kind. As outlined above, we do not tolerate disrespectful behavior and harassment towards other members. We encourage our members to resolve conflicts between themselves as much as possible; however, if you need assistance, please contact Anna (https://www.facebook.com/annacs?fref=gs&__tn__=%2CdK-R-R&eid=ARCA-CVK08_-VtW-ERNJFDTKdHrjA3WtlGaU_wGXTO7OJjPyh3bdhB_p7KwvKZ6-M5bEGOqcNg0WifGK&dti=311604348859979&hc_location=group) or Laurie (https://www.facebook.com/lkeskesi?fref=gs&__tn__=%2CdK-R-R&eid=ARAP5fGCNSl5yEADglI9DaGTSrFeYnbZLaHSObfA7tMLNnQbS--aivDPa3558K9K0_FrNDAudZXTA2Td&dti=311604348859979&hc_location=group).

Be yourself. We know it’s tempting to use a picture of your beloved kiddos / pooch / flower to represent you; however, Nerdy Girls asks members to use a recent profile picture. 2 reasons: 1) it shows us you are who you say you are and 2) it helps organizers and other members find you at events! Please help us so we can help you.

No solicitations, please. We reserve the right to remove content promoting one’s fancy gizmo or service (think Mary Kay, Jamberry, Scentsy, etc.) from our website and social media channels. Nerdy Girls strives to create a welcoming, pressure-free environment, which runs counter to asking other members to buy your products. If someone is trying to sell you something at a Nerdy Girls event, contact the event organizer.

No criminal activities, please. Any person who participates in Nerdy Girls, whether a member or an organizer, must take a temporary leave of absence during the duration of pending criminal charges against them. To request consideration for reinstatement after the situation is resolved, the person in question will need to contact the chapter administration team at okc@nerdy-girls.org

Be mindful of your RSVPs. If you can’t make an event, please change your RSVP accordingly. Planning does go into our events, and we appreciate having an accurate head count going into the event. Don't beat yourself up too much if things change last minute. Life happens. Just letting us know is all we ask!

Be mindful of your no-shows. We let a couple no-shows slip in here and there because, hey, life happens. But if you chronically no-show (5+), you are at risk of being removed from the group. Chronic no-shows hurt the organizers' ability to plan for an event. Organizers spend time, effort, and occasionally money in putting on Nerdy Girls events, and we ask that be respected by updating your RSVP in a timely fashion.

Be mindful of other people's stuff. Nerdy Girls relies on the generosity of people to make the group the best it can be. Whether someone brought their personal property to an event, someone in the community lets us use their space or an event is hosted at someone's home, we need our members and organizers to be respectful of that generosity. Please don't treat anyone else's property or space in a way that you wouldn't want yours to be treated.

Be aware of comments. Every time you comment on an event, Meetup sends an email to the organizers and everyone who RSVP'd for the event. If you change your RSVP (especially close to start time), have a question, need more info, or want to get the discussion going, comment away! Just please be aware of spamming accidentally.

Be mindful of our constraints. While we strive to make Nerdy Girls OKC an awesome group for nerdy ladies, we cannot offer everything to everyone. This means an event may not be in your preferred area, or maybe one type of event appeals to you and others do not. We do our best to encompass the wide variety of nerdy interests. If you are interested in organizing any particular type of event or in a particular location, talk to Anna or Laurie about possible opportunities for new organizers!

Hey, what about…?

Where are all the nerdy boys?

Please realize that many of our members come to our events with the intention of hanging with the ladies, so although we don't outright prohibit significant others or male friends, the organizers feel that you're more likely to get something out of the group coming solo or with a lady friend.

My BFF/sister/mom/aunt/female friend would love this group! Can I bring her along?

Of course! Bring all of your friends! Do keep in mind that we occasionally cap how many guests you can bring, but that is typically for events with limited RSVP's.

Can I bring my kids?

Pay attention to the event description -- the organizer will let you know if it's an event that is family-friendly! Events for ages 13 and older are marked as Nerdy Girls, Jr.

The weather is not looking too good... is the event still on?

Probably not! If rain (outdoor event), snow, ice, tornado, plague of locusts, etc. are coming our way, expect that the event is going to be rescheduled. In inclement weather situations, your event organizer may not be able to access Meetup to announce changes last-minute. Use your best judgment, and we'll try our best to reschedule when we can.

Can I host an event?

We ask that you have attended at least 5 events with NG before offering to host — we want to get to know you! Hosting can mean a variety of things — teaching the group a new skills, offering to have game night at your abode, or basically any event for which you would like to have input on conception and organization. If you would like to host an event, we ask that you coordinate with one of our organizers.

Can we do [some cool event we haven't done yet]?

Suggestions are always welcome! Talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Meetup and suggest away. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting things for our group.

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