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Do you want to contribute to this community? Are you willing to give a presentation? So, let us know just filling this Call for Paper:

This will be our last meetup of the year and there will be 2 lectures.

This meetup will happen at, located at R. de António Pedro 24, 1º frente,[masked] Porto, Porto.
Porto i/o is the space for coworking, community, socializing, events or even just for coffee ([masked]).

🚨 ****This event will have Portuguese talks only ****

🚨 Agenda:
18h30 - 18h50: Welcoming participants and registering

18h50 - 19h00: Introduction

19h00 - 19h45: Applying Functional Programming in C#: José Roberto Araújo

During all my career I had participated in projects in which it was very common to find OOP programming using structural code design doing usage of conditional statements to do simple things in a given moment of the project (in a majority of time at the beginning of), but that code would grow a lot and what was quite simple, would become a spaghetti code design, using conditions that would become difficult to understand what that flow of a code would do and what it would result.

Functional Programming is not only used and/or applied in Functional Programming Languages. This concept and styles can be applied in other OOP languages so that you can bring to your day-to-day code programming codes more robust, readable, reliable and honest. Some of you may not have heard that doing this with C# is possible. Despite some of these concepts and functional styles that were already possible in the past, today we have the other ones which could become easier to apply functional-style easier. So, it will be the main focus on this presentation and sure, we'll have coding during the presentation!

19h45 - 20h00: Break to have a social networking

20h00 - 20h45: Surf the New Wave - How to find secrets: Guilherme Scombatti

We know that are many applications (web and desktop) for sharing information and code. The big problem with this is that we have a lot of users using these platforms and secrets (passwords, tokens, etc.) are disclosed every day. In this presentation, I will show real examples of information that has been exposed, examples of how to use platforms to find secrets and how to validate a secret when it is exposed.

🚨 About Speakers:

José Roberto Araújo:
Senior Software Engineer @Farfetch

He is a software engineer with more than 18 years of experience, the developer who is passionate about technology, development, system architecture and solutions. He has worked on different kinds of projects in his entire career path. Furthermore, he has worked in different positions as a Solution Architect, Technical Leader, Senior Software Engineer and he usually applies DevOps practices through all the projects in which he has been worked on. One of the most valuable thing for him is to work in high-performance development teams and bring team members to think out of the box. It has interesting study areas that grab his attention such as Software & Solution Architecture, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, SOA & DDD and DevOps.

Guilherme Scombatti:
Senior Application Security @Farfetch

He has been working on IT Security about 4 years and his focus is on application security. Well versed in IT security, vulnerability assessment, and secure software/mobile development, to include requirements gathering/assessment and full life cycle project management. An Independent security researcher has found multiple bugs in top major tech giants including OLX, Zomato, HackerRank, Adobe, Foursquare & Apple.

🚨 Q & A Session
Have any doubts about this meetup or anything about tech? We can help each other!

We always use the last 15 minutes after the talks to discuss any relevant topic!

Nerdzao meetups are and always will be free for all!

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