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Feel like you are on the outside always looking in? This group is a soft place for you to land. We are group of individuals who are open to embracing each other’s unique differences and want to meet like-minded friends. We are open and affirming to all. Events are offered for those 18-20 something years old.

The group will explore new activities and interests together such as trivia, documentaries, movies, creative building , board games, drumming circles, books, art demonstrations and activities, graphic novels and more. Maybe it’s hanging out with the latest board game or creating some awesome art together... who knows ? The only requirement is that you come with a nonjudgmental heart! This group is sponsored by A Little Compassion Inc. and the upcoming coffee house, The Nest Coffee House to be located in Deep River, CT. Meetups currently take place at The Main Street Sweet Shoppe in Deep River while the coffee house searches for its forever home!

Find us online at www.alittlecompassion.org.

Upcoming events (4)

Improv Night for HS-Twenty Somethings May 23rd

The Nest Coffee House


Improv Night at the Nest!!! Come laugh with us! Anyone can do improv. We'll try out a few improv games that will expand your creativity and leave you laughing for more. Improv, is a form of live theater in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. It's all fun with no pressure! Come play with us! This gathering will be led by Robin Fox of Social Eyes! $5 suggested donation to cover snacks and beverages!

Trivia Night for 18 to Twenty Somethings! Wednesday, May 29th 6:30-8:00

Join us for Trivia Night! Phil is back again to lead us! Get your trivia game on with obscure facts about movies, books, history, quotes, sports, geography and so much more. Teams and individual player welcome. Prizes will be awarded. $5 donation suggested to offset cost of snacks and beverages.

Documentary Showing HS - 18-20 somethings - Friday June 21st - 6:30 -8:30

Join other HS through 18-20 somethings to watch and discuss a documentary! This time, we'll be showing 'Raiders! the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made', which follows lifelong friends as they strive to recreate the film 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc' scene for scene with backyard special effects and home video equipment. Sure to be hilarious! $5 donation is suggested and includes snacks. Beverages can be purchased at The Nest.

Anime/Manga Night - High School-20 Somethings - Friday, June 28th 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Join other anime/manga fans for all things anime and manga! Bring some of your favorite manga art, look through our own collection or start creating characters of your own. This is a no pressure, all about anime and manga group. You can chat with others and draw at your pace and style with lots of room to do your own thing. If you prefer to take it all in without drawing, that is great too. We'll be showing an anime movie as well. Bring your own drawing/sketch pad and colored pencils if you have those you like to use. We'll have basic paper and colored pencils and micron markers available to share as well. Refreshments will be served. Suggested donation is $5 per participant.

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