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The .Net Mafia, C# Mobsters and other Microsoft family meetup is a place where newbies and veterans can come together in an informal setting to discuss, learn and laugh about Microsoft development. We meet every month to discuss Microsoft development C#, .NET tooling, and much more.

All skill levels are welcome! Before and afterwards, we'll have some food and drinks for some socializing 🍻🍻🍕🍕 :)

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.Net Mafia is dedicated to empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. This includes meetups sites where we seek to provide a respectful, friendly, professional experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, disability, age, race or religion.

We do not tolerate any behaviour that is harassing or degrading to any individual, in any form. Individuals are responsible for knowing and abiding by these standards. We encourage everyone to assist in creating a welcoming and safe environment where ever we organise this meetup.

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Upcoming events (4+)

The known and unknown features of Bicep the evolution of Azure ARM

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👋👋 Hello amigos 👋👋

Do you know about Bicep and how to use it on Azure?

Bicep is a language that drastically simplifies the way of writing Infrastructure as Code for the Azure Platform. During this session, we will discuss Infrastructure as Code, the Azure Resource Manager, and touch bases on all known and unknown aspects of this great language.

Join us to learn all about Bicep.

😀😀 See you there 😀😀

Beyond the Black Box

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👋👋 Hello amigos 👋👋

Have you heard about RavenDB? Do you know the advantages and features you can leverage using RavenDB?

Oren Eini, founder of RavenDB, will discuss how you can take a non trivial distributed system and ensure that you have visibility into what is going on there. We'll look into metrics and telemetry, self reflection and ongoing self check / anti entropy processes.

Join us to learn all about RavenDB, directly from the founder, Oren Eini.

😀😀 See you there 😀😀

ScyllaDB: A better Apache Cassandra (TM) and AWS DynamoDB (TM)

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👋👋 Hello amigos 👋👋

Have you heard about ScyllaDB? Want to learn all about it?

ScyllaDB is a NoSQL database Serving Fortune 500 Companies (Disney, Comcast, GE, etc.) that is compatible with Apache Cassandra (TM) and AWS DynamoDB (TM) providing better throughput and latency.

In this talk we will share how we built ScyllaDB and what's next for our users (web assembly engine todo transformations, eventual and strongly consistent operations, etc.)

Join us to learn all about ScyllaDB, so you can start using it in the Cloud.

😀😀 See you there 😀😀

DataOps with Azure : How to set up a minimalist CI/CD Data pipeline?

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👋👋 Hello amigos 👋👋

Do you know how to use DataOps with Azure?

In this session, I will be covering two Azure services mainly: Azure DataFactory as an orchestration tool and Azure DevOps as an integration and CI/CD tool. the speech will go around a use case : Setting up Data bricks to analyze Data comming from an SQL Server through Azure Datafactory and Azure Devops services, based on a client's real scenario.

Join us and learn all about DataOps on Azure.

😀😀 See you there 😀😀

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DR Strategy and Azure Migration

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