NetPonto Porto #29 - e assim fechamos 2019 🎊

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Após Braga regressaremos ao Porto para o último evento de 2019! Depois só mesmo bacalhau e rabanadas! 😆🎄

## Agenda ##
✍️ 09:45 - Check In
🎙 10:00 - José Pedro Silva - WebAuthn: The future of Web authentication
☕️ 11:00 - Coffee Break
🎙 11:30 - Guilherme Ferreira - Embracing Simplicity
🎁 12:30 - Fecho e sorteio de prémios

Ao final da reunião, escolhemos um restaurante próximo e fazemos um almoço em grupo para continuar o convívio e aproximar as pessoas. A participação é opcional.

🎙 José Pedro Silva - WebAuthn: The future of Web 🎙
Principal Software Engineer @ Critical Manufacturing -

📝 Resumo:
Every year we see hardware and software providers advertising the end of passwords as we know it. From Apple (with Touch Id) to Microsoft (with Windows Hello) all major vendors have promised the end of passwords, one way or the other. But the harsh truth is: Passwords are not dead yet… or … are they? With WebAuthn we are finally close to put an end to it. For good!

Embark on a journey to discover what FIDO stands for and how WebAuthn is already present in all major browsers, ready to end phishing and effectively kill the need for passwords in today’s web.
Join us in this talk and don’t miss the chance to be on the forefront of Web Security!

👤 Bio:
José Silva is Head of Product Development at Critical Manufacturing, a leading Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Execution System provider. He leads the amazing team of engineers and designers working on the development of Critical Manufacturing MES, considered one of the top 10 Manufacturing Execution Systems in the world. José oversees all product development with a special interest in Cyber-Security and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI).

José took his MSc in Informatics and Computer Engineering at the University of Porto in 2013 and is an Invited Lecturer at Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e Ave (IPCA) since 2019. José was also an Invited Lecturer at Universidade Europeia (UE), Lisbon and Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at FEUP, Porto. José is also an active volunteer in the tech community. He currently serves as IEEE Portugal Chair and represents IEEE and IEEE Portugal Section.


🎙 Guilherme Ferreira - Embracing Simplicity 🎙
Software Architect @ NumbersBelieve -

📝 Resumo:
Are you tired of juggling with complexity every single day? Don't you wish a simple life?

Technologists tend to have a passion for complexity. But because of that, we tend to overcomplicate when we face a new challenge.

Being able to find simple solutions doesn't need to be a magic trick. In this session, we will explore the value that Simplicity can bring to your life and how you can apply it in your day-to-day.

If you live in the software world, this session is for you and you can expect to go home with some handy Simplification tools.

👤 Bio:
Guilherme Ferreira is a minimalist aspirant, passionate by product development and a continuous improvement enthusiast. He currently works as a Software Architect at OMNIA, building a Low-code Development Platform from the ground up.
Guilherme is also co-organizer of the NetPonto Community and a member of NDC Porto Agenda Committee.

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