strengthening the capacity of female universities dropt outS

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There is a high rate of female university drop outs in Cameroon increasing as a result of financial and social challenges,

This have resulted to several challenges in the society like high level of Prostitution approaching as a result of financial trials .Most of them are coming from poor backgrounds where most of their parents don’t have enough resources or money to fund their education in the university, as a result of this, they end up using prostitution as a means of employment in order to raise fund for financial sustainability, this have not only resulted to unwanted pregnancy but also, it has also promoted the fast growth of HIV AIDS in Cameroon.

Also one major factor is the Lack of professional skill to get a job: Even though there are major job opportunities, but yet they can get a job because, the lack the expertise to express their desire for the job they may want. As a result of this they end up unemployed.

This project is to help provide a desired opportunities for the less privileges women or female university drop out by empowering them with the desire knowledge to become web and ICTs expert, so that they can take advantage of the high demand for web,mobile Apps,presences in Cameroon and abroad