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This group is for software engineers interested in using and contributing to Netflix Open Source Platform components. Netflix has open sourced many components of our Global PaaS that provide best practices on creating and running highly available services in the Cloud. Full set of NetflixOSS components is at http://http://netflix.github.io

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Building with Conductor: Machine Learning, AI, Healthcare and Scaling Big Data

This meetup features some great talks covering a smorgasbord of interesting topics showcasing the flexibility of Netflix Conductor.

Flavio Schuindt, GE Healthcare: "Orchestrating clinical workflows in healthcare with Conductor" - We’ll learn how GE harnesses Machine Learning and AI tools to help improve our health and diagnostic outcomes.

Jun He, Big Data Orchestration, Netflix: "Building Scalable Workflow Scheduler with Conductor" - We’ll learn how the BDO team at Netflix uses Conductor to power their orchestration platform.

Orkes: New and upcoming features in the Orkes Cloud .

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