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Network After Work is a professional community consisting of Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives and thought leaders who understand the importance of building meaningful connections. Built on the idea that professionals in every industry across the world all share a common goal, to develop strong relationships that help grow their businesses and careers. Through meeting in-person and virtually, Network After Work provides a platform that makes connecting easy. Hosting live events in 87 US locations with plans to add additional US cities and international locations, growing your business and relationships has never been easier.

For 10 years, we have been at the forefront of face-to-face business connections. As social media and virtual relationships have been all the rage over the past decade, we have found that live interactions are still the best way to build solid connections. Shaking hands and looking someone in the eye is an invaluable skill and builds the strongest foundation for long lasting connection.

Though meeting in-person is our foundation, meeting virtually is a great accompaniment to our signature live events. With our goal to make your business connections long lasting and sustainable, our mission is to do everything for you, all you need is the desire to seize new opportunities and the willingness to help others.

Visit us on the web at (https://www.networkafterwork.com/find/OH-Cleveland (https://www.networkafterwork.com/find/DC-Washington)) for additional information.

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Find Out How My Clients Generate 2-10 Appointments a Week Using LinkedIn Posts!
On Thursday, September 30th learn from LinkedIn strategist Rhona Sher and how she maximizes linkedIN to generate clients.

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• The one simple thing that gets clients and prospects to book an appointment with you
• The secret to generating appointments even if you only share other people's post
• How to connect with people who like the posts of the people you follow
• What to post to generate views, comments and likes
• And More!
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The Black Friday Summit

Online event

RSVP Here: https://www.blackfridaysummit.com/?ac=WxoY5JSZ

Join 50+ World-Class DTC Marketers, Agency Owners, And Founders As They Share Their Best Kept Secrets ... For Free!

MUST RSVP VIA LINK TO BE REGISTERED: https://bit.ly/3k1c44p

Join us on October 4th - 6th for the Black Friday Summit.

The Black Friday Summit is delivered entirely online and FREE to attend. So you can dip in and watch the specific talks you need to transform your business from the industry's leading authorities from anywhere in the world. Come for one specific talk or catch them all. It’s up to you! Check out the schedule and see which talks you for sure don't want to miss!

Imagine having the best marketers, agency owners, advertisers, copywriters and brand owners right there helping with your BFCM campaign...

With this FREE virtual summit, you can! Join 50+ experts as they share their top strategies for having your best holiday sales season ... ever!

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Building a Multi-Six Figure Business through Social Media Marketing

RSVP HERE : https://www.andyaudate.com/network

On Wednesday, October 6th learn from Andy on how to Build a Multi-Six Figure Business through Social Media Marketing

RSVP HERE : https://bit.ly/3CzeMV1

During the training we will be focused on systems and strategies where they will learn how to:
• Create Credibility on Social Media
• Get people to know you from Podcast, Social Media, and Speaking on Stage
• You Will Learn the Marketing System
• Then will be focused on learning about Virtual Assistants and Virtual Assistant Systems where they will learn:

What are the tasks that they can delegate to a Virtual Assistant?
• How can a Virtual Assistant support them in growing their business (including Sales & Marketing)

What do I need to prepare?
The event will be hosted on Zoom Video Conference Call, so for tools and equipment, please prepare:
• Pen and Paper
• A computer connected to the internet
• Working Headset and/or microphone
• Working Webcam
Aside from this, It will be best if you can draft a list of:
• Questions regarding marketing
• Current Challenges that you are experiencing with your business
• Short-Term and Long-term goals that you have for your business
• These topics will be discussed during the training so preparing ahead of time will give you more time to think thoroughly about it.

Register Today for FREE ! https://bit.ly/3CzeMV1

Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil

Online event

RSVP Here: https://networkafterwork.com/event-detail/Money_is_not_the_root_of_all_evil-2021-10-12?id=MTc0MA==

Learn how business leaders can meet their revenue and growth goals in a fair, equitable, socially, and economically responsible way with Kim Kelley.

What you should take away from this presentation:

1. Understand why being in business just to make a profit isn’t enough anymore
2. Learn how to define your companies impact goals in a way that compliments profitability
3. Find out who really is making social impact vs. those that are making PR statements
4. Discover what you can do as a business leader, influencer, or Talent to further social impact.

About Kim Kelley:

Kim Kelley is the CEO/Co-Founder of pepelwerk, a social enterprise leveraging technology to create an equitable working world.
She has spent 25 years helping companies achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals for social impact through forward thinking people practices, leveraging technology for good, and connecting the two to improve operations to meet business objectives.
Before launching pepelwerk she was an SVP of People and Culture for a global ecommerce company, worked with the fortune 50 including Wal-Mart, Nike, American Airlines, and others in operations and as an HR consultant helping them implement, innovate, evolve and optimize their people strategies to meet the needs of the business, the people that work for them and the customers they serve.
She challenges the conversation of what diversity and equity is, the infrastructure that inhibits economic equity, and the ideals and unconscious bias that limit how leaders see the impact to their business.

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How To Improve Your LinkedIn EPresence

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