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Network After Work is a professional community consisting of Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives and thought leaders who understand the importance of building meaningful connections. Built on the idea that professionals in every industry across the world all share a common goal, to develop strong relationships that help grow their businesses and careers. Through meeting in-person and virtually, Network After Work provides a platform that makes connecting easy. Hosting live events in 87 US locations with plans to add additional US cities and international locations, growing your business and relationships has never been easier.

For 10 years, we have been at the forefront of face-to-face business connections. As social media and virtual relationships have been all the rage over the past decade, we have found that live interactions are still the best way to build solid connections. Shaking hands and looking someone in the eye is an invaluable skill and builds the strongest foundation for long lasting connection.

Though meeting in-person is our foundation, meeting virtually is a great accompaniment to our signature live events. With our goal to make your business connections long lasting and sustainable, our mission is to do everything for you, all you need is the desire to seize new opportunities and the willingness to help others.

Visit us on the web https://www.networkafterwork.com/find/MO-St.-Louis for additional information.

We hope to see you at future event!

Upcoming events (4+)

The Ultimate 2022 Client Acquisition Marketing Guide

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On Wednesday, June 29th learn from Cory and Ira about The Ultimate 2022 Client Acquisition Marketing Guide.

You'll discover:

  • How to increase your networking results by 10X. You'll get 10x more connections, 10x more appointments, and 10x more sales!
  • How to cut your current sales cycle in half and have them practically begging to work with you!
  • The ONE simple thing that gets prospects and clients to take immediate action (they'll chase you down)!
  • 7 proven principles of modern-day selling with digital media - without ever leaving your office!
  • The #1, single most effective platform for successful networking online (if you're not on this platform...you're dead in the water)!

And SO much more!


How to Convert Your Leads into Clients

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On Thursday, June 30th learn how to convert your leads into clients!

Even When You're Not There!

For over 20 years master sales trainer, Eric Lofholm, has helped people all over the world increase their sales results. Eric will be sharing his best ideas on how to improve the quality of your sales presentation and convert your leads into clients. You can expect to learn a minimum of 7 golden nuggets that you can immediately implement to close more sales now!
You will learn :

  • How to sequence your presentation for maximum results
  • How to get your prospect to what you are offering before you get to the close
  • How to deliver a great presentation even if you don't like to sell
  • How to deliver a close from a place of confidence that motivates your prospect to take action now
  • Best practices for handling any objection with confidence and eas

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Marketing with Webinars L.I.V.E with Tom Poland

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At this Live Interactive Virtual Event (L.I.V.E), Tom will demonstrate how to generate high quality flow of new client inquiries in less than one hour a month by marketing with webinars and how his method works even if you:

  • Have no email list
  • Have no idea how to attract audiences
  • Have no budget for advertising your webinars
  • Have no idea of how to put together the content for your webinar

He will show you how to make all those obstacles disappear so you can enjoy the peace of mind and prosperity that comes from being a respected and in-demand expert.

L.I.V.E. is ideal for professionals who offer advice, service or software where your average sale price is a thousand dollars or more.

RSVP NOW, Space is Limited!

Building a Multi-Six Figure Business through Social Media Marketing

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On Wednesday, July 13th come learn from published author, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur Andy Audate on how to Build a Multi-Six Figure Business through Social Media Marketing.

Attendance is limited, so register today for FREE HERE!

The training focuses on core systems and strategies to learn how to do the following:

  • Create credibility on social media
  • Make people view you as an authority from podcasting, social media, and speaking engagements
  • Master the ins and outs of Andy’s marketing system
  • Utilize the hidden power in Virtual Assistants by delegating the right tasks and using VAs as a tool to grow your business

What do I need in order to attend?

The event will be hosted on a Zoom video conference call, so please prepare the following tools and equipment:

  • Pen and paper
  • A computer with a stable internet connection
  • Working headset and/or microphone
  • Working webcam

Prior to the webinar, we encourage you to jot down a quick list of answers to the following questions:

  • What are the current challenges you’re facing in your business?
  • What are a few short-term & long-term goals you have for your business?
  • What is the single biggest question you have when it comes to marketing?

We’ll be discussing these topics extensively during the training, so preparing ahead of time will help you get the most out of the session.

Attendance is limited, so register today for FREE HERE!

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