What we're about

Do you want to grow your business, start a business, or simply interact with professionals looking for great people?

We are a group of business professionals who come to network, build knowledge, and grow our businesses through relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs!

- Networking designed to build new relationships and long-lasting connections

- Brief, Value-Packed Workshops

(marketing, social media, organizing for success, speaking with posture, growing referrals, vision boarding, etc.)

- Roundtable discussions

- Fun Social Events

- And More!

NBG is a membership based community committed to providing to you:

NETWORK with professionals and entrepreneurs for encouragement and support, information, guidance, and to increase your influence.

BUILD strategic relationships for increased referrals and access to resources.

GROW our business with content designed to help you move your business to the next level.

Through signature networking strategies at each event, NBG remains laser focused on bringing value to every attendee through icebreaker activities, open networking time, education and guest speakers, giving and receiving of referrals, open discussion around best practices, and sometimes, even just providing a way to unwind, relax and be surrounded by like minded individuals.

We are a strategically aligned with the Network Build Grow family of events! NBG is a vibrant, active and large community (over 3,000) of professionals and entrepreneurs not just here in Charlotte but from outside our borders as well!

NBG has been around for years and we are going strong! We are a group of business professionals and entrepreneurs who come to network, build knowledge, and grow our businesses through intentional relationship building, and the age-old principles of sharing and caring.

Our monthly events are well attended, and our community is active, engaged and strong. We are looking forward to bringing you into the community!

Be sure to connect with us on Social Media as well:

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/networkbuildgrowcommunity

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rodgerandmelissa/

LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/40676583/

WEBSITE and Community Membership information: https://www.NetworkBuildGrow.com

As Always, How Can We Help?

Melissa Taylor



“Networking is not about collecting contacts…it’s about planting relations”

Upcoming events (4+)

Strategic Collaborative for Moms who are also Professional Women or Entrepreneur

Network Build Grow is excited to announce our newest Strategic Collaborative...for Moms who are also an entrepreneur or a professional. Whether your kids are 6 months old or 18 years old - if they are living at home and you are trying to also work or run a business - this is your group!

The struggle and the juggling act are REAL! And you are not alone...

We want to provide a space for you to collaborate with other professional Mom friends who get the struggle and the value of the business aspect of you life.

Topics like:
Time management
Balancing work and family
Mom guilt!
How to keep your focus
Imposter Syndrome and more will be discussed.

A Strategic Collaborative is a time to bring together business owners and entrepreneurs to mastermind around issues, challenges and triumphs within a certain industry or affinity group.

There are many unique and challenging obstacles for people who want to build a business on the side of a full-time job. This group is designed to not only provide ‘after-normal-working-hours’ events and ways to build your network, but a variety of experts and resources to help you get your business off the ground or to the next level.

This Collaborative is a part of the Network Build Grow family of events and will be open to Non-Members until February 2022...so take advantage of this time to not only surround yourself with like-minded professionals but to experience the difference at NBG.

Power of Speaking & the Speaker Business Strategy

Venture X Co-Working Space

Are you a speaker? An aspiring Speaker? A speaker who needs to monetize their speaking or get more gigs?

Are you a business owner or professional that needs a proven way to do lead generation that doesn't involve cold calling and tons of 1:1 meetings?

Want a way to expand your influence, your thought leadership, your value, and your impact?

Harness the Power of Speaking!

Understand and implement the Speaker Business Strategy into your speaking career, your lead generation and your monetization plan.

This is a FREE event for all to attend!

Teresa Gitomer of heyRED Speakers Agency and Melissa Taylor of Speaker League and Speaker League BOOKED have teamed up to bring you this value packed evening in Charlotte.

2022 is YOUR YEAR to shine - learn the art and the science behind speaking for lead generation and/or expanding your impact and influence in the world.

Your Marketing Plan for 2022...Simplified!

Online event

When you look up Marketing Strategy on Google you get this:
The 5 P’s of Marketing Strategy
The 3 C’s of Marketing Strategy
The 4 Types of Marketing Strategy
The 7 P’s of Marketing Strategy
The 10 Essentials to Marketing Strategy

No wonder everyone is confused and doesn’t know where to start their plan…P’s, C’s, Essentials, Types…where to start? What to do?

Here is the bottom line: the BEST Marketing Strategy for you and your business is one that you will do, consistently, and well. Period.

Join Melissa as we talk through a few aspects and pieces to the marketing puzzle that you may want to consider as you put together a SIMPLE marketing plan for 2022.

Q1 at NBG is all about Marketing – this is a great place to start outlining your plans and refine it via the Ask the Experts, Signature Events, Huddles and more at NBG.

Don’t know where to start – that is what this event is all about. Melissa will demystify how to plan for your 2022 marketing, implementation strategies and more.

PLUS...our Signature Networking to help you increase your circle of influence!

In Person HUDDLE - Be Our Guest!


A HUDDLE combines the best of networking and building relationships with mastermind and sharing of ideas, opportunities and resources.

Be sure to REGISTER HERE: https://pages.networkbuildgrow.com/in-person-huddles

This unique format encourages you to not only expand your network and circle of influence but have a place to present challenges, obstacles and gain feedback from others in the group.

It is like having a table full of business coaches, a board of directors and several mentors to help you not only build your business but grow you circle of influence.

On the flip-side...you get to showcase YOUR knowledge and expertise by helping others with their challenges and giving your feedback to them as well...it is a win-win!

It promotes celebration of successes and encourages you to push yourself to achieve the success you deserve.

Come with a challenge to share, a question to get feedback on and an open mind to get creative and share your expertise and knowledge with others as well.

In-Person HUDDLES are the last Thursday of each month at 11:30 am. PLUS TABBRIS will give you a day-pass to work from their wonderful establishement!

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