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Network engineering has become increasingly more complex and has moved beyond configuring IP or application based protocols. A whole middle-ware set of skills is in demand that covers the manipulation, testing and validation of network state in 'whatever' form. Reliability is rapidly becoming the focus keyword in carrying out the design, implementation and operation of any automated infrastructure. Everything else becomes an effect of implementing reliability. Reliability is typically implemented through the power of automation and workflow thinking.

There are many ways to achieve this set of requirements including commercial-off-the-shelf tools and platforms, OSS, FOSS and homegrown. None of this is possible without the network elements being programmable in some form and those same elements pushing back enriched data for us or algorithms to react, make assumptions or even predict what an event is. The perfect world doesn't exist (yet) so this group exists to share the what, how and way their challenges were approached.

This group will share lightening talks, demonstrations and hold panels on NRE, the technology behind it and what the vendors are doing to help the industry keep up with demand.

No technology is a clear winner here and thus the group is open to enthusiasts, professionals and students. Vendors looking to do some cheap marketing are not welcome.

- This group is not a channel to sell products or services.
- The group is open to all English language speakers.
- Swearing to be kept to accidental.
- Inclusive and open to all, so behave properly.
- Zero tolerance for abuse, but absolute embrace for healthy debate. Yes folks, there is a difference!
- Swag is accepted so long it isn't obnoxious (group admin to make final decision).
- Calls are not permitted in the room during talks. They create disruptions.
- Presentations will be recorded and with the talkers permission put on to YouTube.
- Talks in 15-25 minute slots with refreshment breaks in-between.
- Non-panel based sessions will limit audience questions limited to 2 per person. Any others can be taken directly with the presenter. This is the interest in time any any single person dominating the session.
- Talks should have an opening, solid middle and clear end. Proposals will be shared with the organisers on DropBox and vetted before acceptance. Talks containing technology proposed for the sake of it will probably be rejected, unless it contains significant humour value.

Email me if you're interested in speaking or attending to get the ball rolling! david.gee@ipengineer.net

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First Group Meetup and Christmas!

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