Networking Lunch

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Every 2nd Monday of the month


Location visible to members


To facilitate meaningful conversations as a single group, this MeetUp is limited to 10 participants. The charge for the MeetUp will be used to leave a group tip to the servers and to cover marketing and operating expenses. We will display a banner or an 8.5" x 11.0" sign to help you find the activity. You can see a copy of the banner and sign in the "General Pictures" Photo Album.


We will have a round of introductions during each meeting. This will give you the opportunity to present yourself, your company, and your product or service to everyone else in the room. You should bring at least 15 business cards to hand out to the group as you make your introduction. Please be courteous and respectful of everyone's interest level and time -- KEEP YOUR INTRODUCTION TO 60 SECONDS OR LESS! We don't have to vacate the room immediately after the activity; if anyone is interested in learning more about your product or service, they can have a longer conversation with you right after the activity.


We will have a different guest speaker every month. You can find the guest speaker that will be joining us in any particular month by looking at "Guest Speakers" under the "Discussion" tab.


We want to encourage attendees to RSVP for the meetings, and discourage walk-ins without an RSVP. The RSVPs help us with the planning and coordination of the meetings. Walk-ins without an RSVP will be charged $20. This fee is in addition to and separate from the cost of the lunch. The reason for this charge is to be fair with the participants that took the time and effort to RSVP. Individuals that walk in without an RSVP may have to sit at a side table separate from the main table that is reserved for participants with an RSVP. As a reminder, we want to keep the meeting limited to a small group of participants so we can have a single meaningful conversation, instead of various fragmented and superficial conversations.