What we're about

This group is about Engineers that are self employed entrepreneurs or work as Independent Consultants.

Many Engineers who work for large corporations are in the company of other like minded engineers within their organistaion as colleagues. Many of their needs are taken care of by the corporation. Many of their issues are discussed and resolved right in the next cubicle. But small engineering Entrepreneurs, or independent Consultatnts sometimes find it difficult to network with like minded people in similar situation.

This group is about bringing such small engineering firms, entrepreneurs, and independent engineering consultants together to network and discuss common issues.

Though you are likely to be an Engineer to join this group but there is no such restriction. Even if you are not an Engineer but has an interest in discussing topics related to engineers, engineering consulting, engineering entrepreneurship etc., with other independent engineering entrepreneurs, consultants and self-employed engineers, by all means, join our networking group and enjoy the company.

We plan to meet regularly to discuss issues common to self-employed and entrepreneural Engineers.

Past events (3)

Design discussions in light of new Technologies

Inside Microsoft Store - Square One Shopping Centre, Mississauga

Wine and Cheese meetup in my home.

Needs a location