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The Network of Light Meetup group is about coming together and connecting as a community to support each other in bringing our divine expressions of light more fully into ourselves, our actions, and the world.

Includes transformational books and experiences, personal soul expression, access to inner wisdom, expressing creativity, expanding community, and relaxing together through social events.

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Your Personal Heart Temple with Shaman Elsbeth D. Shields, Ph.D. - Date TBD

• THROUGH ANCIENT WISDOM SHAMANIC INITIATION, REAWAKEN YOUR INNER MASTERY WISDOM AND LOVING HEART WITHIN THE TEMPLE OF YOUR HEART • DISCOVER WHAT’S GETTING IN THE WAY OF CONSISTENTLY LIVING IN THE NOW. • MERGE DEEPLY (cellularly) WITHIN TO DISCOVER YOUR HEART FLAME. • BECOME WHOLE (Holy) IN THE MARRIAGE OF YOUR DEEP SELF (subconscious) WITH YOUR DIVINE HIGH SELF (superconscious) WHICH FORGES THE KEY TO AWAKENING HIGHER VIBRATIONAL AWARENESS, ACTION, AND MANIFESTATION. • UNDERSTAND COMPASSION THROUGH ANCIENT BREATH/ SOUND and POWER WORD (HEKAU) PRACTICES THAT ACTIVATE CELLULAR SHIFTS WITHIN YOU OF RE-MEMBERING YOUR TRUE SELF. Register: With Elsbeth Shields at[masked] (cell: text preferred) or[masked] (office) or With Ellen Anderson through Meetup or at[masked] or [masked] Fee (includes Handouts): Early Bird: $70 (before Monday, December 30 with a non-refundable deposit of $30) $80 (after December 30) Bring with You: Your own healthy food for a late lunch/snack, amulet precious to you to place on the altar. [Please do not bring sugary food as it closes your third eye.] Your Guide: Elsbeth D. Shields. Ph.D. is a Shamanic Transformational Healer and Life, Health & Wellness Coach with 35+ years of multi-faceted metaphysical skills/tools. As Master Teacher / Shaman of the Pre-Dynastic (Pre-History-Star Being) Ancient Egyptian Huna Mysteries, she guides you on an inward journey into your own heart temple where you discover how much love you are capable of, are greeted by your teachers, fabulous beings and guides of your heart to help you recognize with compassionate understanding ... the precious treasure that you are and how you will manifest your gifts in the world. The result will be a continual rise to higher consciousness as you step out of the past, beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, and illusions which divide you from your whole and True Self into a realization that you are Love, Freedom, Joy, Wholeness and Compassion … moving forward embracing 4th and 5th dimensional awareness and accessing present time (NOW reality). Come receive your new heart, experience your inner altar and inner flame connected to the Source burning brightly … a truly cellular experience. Walk forward in harmony with mastery and skill!

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