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Our aim is to help our members drive more revenue for their business through high level, no cost business networking and at the same time educate you on the multitude of ways that you can grow locally, nationally and globally. Our local and national networking events will help you grow and our education sessions will help you be smart in the way you do it. We also give all our members free video sessions so you can tell us why you love what you do and transmit this to the online universe. We charge nothing for these events and ask only that you keep note of the business and enquiries you get so we can measure the effectiveness of the group.

Our growth objectives as a group are as follows:

1.Introduce you to businesses in our other groups in New York, Southern California and Texas.

2.Educate you on the areas that will effect your business growth.

3.Introduce you to other companies who will help with your business growth

4.Have a online portal which will allow you to manage those relationships that you are growing.

5.Help you become global rather than local, if that is the growth you want. Join us and let us help you grow.

We look forward to welcoming you

Brian Mac Mahon & Angela neville .

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Expert DOJO, top level of Santa Monica Place

Your teacher for this, not to be missed eCommerce event, is Christofir Krihkori. Christofir has a successful background in finance and marketing, having spent over 15 years working with eCommerce businesses, from start-ups to major global brands, to increase sales, productivity and overall success. He’s an innovator with a remarkable ability to determine and dictate success strategies and show entrepreneurs and companies how to seize global market opportunities. Over the past decade, he’s specialized in helping eCommerce companies launch, grow and create exponential valuation in the market, and he loves to help and coach people in what it takes to build successful companies. Currently based in Los Angeles, Christofir is CEO of Plutus Brands, a well-known retailer in the home accent wholesale, manufacturing, and retail industry. He has worked in Shanghai, China, manufacturing high-end furniture and selling it globally. For everyone that owns a business or would like to capitalize the entrepreneurial dream Christofir’s message will enlighten you with knowledge and action principles to turn that passion into success!” Part 1: Picking the Right E-commerce Platform for Your Business Do you currently have an e-commerce presence online? for your brand or drop shipping? Are you struggling with finding the right platform that is scalable and cost-effective? Are you interested in exploring traffic sources that generate high converting leads with low acquisition cost? Part 2: Win with Amazon One of the most recent and important changes that is still taking shape, is the way AMAZON conduct its business and how these changes may impact your company. We have highlighted these changes as under: – Amazon 1P (or as we refer as Vendor Central) is cutting ties with many brands. This is the One Vendor Project they are implementing. This means AMAZON will no more purchase products from these brands and will instead direct them to sell solely through 3P or Third-Party Marketplace. *If your brand has been adversely affected by this decision, we are here to become your primary resource and work shoulder to shoulder to provide you a complete E-commerce Ecosystem which will just not help you to keep up the revenue pace but will help you to have a much better control of E-commerce/Amazon presence of your brand. 1. Do you currently sell 3P on Amazon? If so, do you leverage distributors, manage your own 3P account or use a combination of both? 2. Are you currently experiencing issues with price erosion for your ASINs and/or crapped out products? 3. Are you interested in speaking with Global eCommerce sales experts to optimize conversion on Amazon and your other top marketplaces? Please join us for this great discussion.

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