• How to Purchase Millions in Rental Property using the BRRR Strategy

    The BRRR strategy has helped me purchase millions of dollars in Real Estate using little to none of my own capital. It’s an amazing wealth-building strategy that’s actually quite simple when you break it down. I’d love to show you exactly how I’m doing it and explain why there’s enough opportunity out there for all of us. What is the BRRR Strategy? BUY - Strategies for finding and evaluating good deals RENOVATE - How to increase the property's value and provide a quality rental product RENT - How to find quality long-term tenants REFINANCE - How to reposition your property with a new long-term lender Come join us as we discuss taking your Real Estate portfolio to the next level. RSVP now and invite your friends and family to also hop on! More the merrier!! Want to view our current rental construction projects and follow along with the progress? Follow us on: INSTAGRAM (www.instagram.com/wjmandrell)

  • 10 MONEY SECRETS You Must Know, But You Were Never Taught

    Hi Wealth Builders! I’d like to share with you 10 financial strategies that most people are not familiar with but absolutely should be! These are all tools and strategies I’m using in my daily life to create, protect and maintain wealth. I’d like to share with you my personal experiences and thoughts on the following: 1. 529 Plans & helping your kids save for their college education 2. Self-Directed IRA Plans and why each of you should consider this retirement vehicle 3. The chaos that comes from passing without a WILL in place and why you must have one 4. Estate Planning documents you need to have and how to avoid high legal cost 5. How to build business credit and how it can 10X your wealth building 6. Life Insurance…the Dos, the don’ts, the traps, the cost and which policies are right for you 7. Family Trust… How they help you control and create generational wealth 8. The benefits of hiring your children as employees and how to teach them about money 9. You'll find out on the webinar! 10. I'm not entirely sure yet...but I'll come up with something good. Trust me! LOL I know most of this sounds boring as hell but this is all NEXT LEVEL S#*T. Even if you’re not entirely ready to use these tools, it’s important you know they’re available to you. I’m excited to share all of this with you. See you on the webinar!