New Methods For Pain, Stress, Tension & Preserving Your BodyMind Health!


The Canada Chinese Health Preservation Culture Centre & Eldon Wingay, RMT, NBA present a fun & exciting Balancing Activation presentation on Pain, Stress, Tension, Reshaping Your BodyMind, Health Preservation Movement & getting YOU more Energy, Flexible & Stronger IN SECONDS! QUANTUM SPEED!

This NBA Fusion Method is effective for the General Population from young children to seniors & those who are Athletes, Runners, Yoga/Pilates Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Exercise Instructors, Dancers & Martial/Movement/Performance Artists.

We will be introducing Neuroflex Balancing Activation (NBA) Neuro-Myo-Fascial Energetic Soft Tissue Work & Energy Fusion Movement (EFM) a Chi Kung-Primal Flow-Pilates-Yoga Hybrid Form both developed by Eldon Wingay, RMT, NBA.

To help Reshape your BodyMind, at this demonstration, Eldon is giving a limited number of FREE PAIN, POSTURAL ASSESSMENTS & TREATMENT PLANS. Please call[masked] to register for this.

For the Athletic Movers & Shakers who want to increase their Mobility, Strength & Body Reshaping Energy without pumping, sweating, bootcamps, gyms or machines, YOU will get to work out with an EFM Form from the "Five Seasons Set" called "Spring Opens."

Neuroflex Balancing Activation (NBA) is an advanced "Moving Bodywork~Health & Fitness Fusion Solution" for Reshaping Your BodyMind IN SECONDS that is revolutionizing & accelerating the Health, Wellness, Fitness & Movement industries with its uncanny effectiveness & speedy powerful results.


See YOU 3 pm Sunday Dec.4!

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