Be Pain-Stress-Tension FREE, Alert, Moving Faster & Stronger IN SECONDS!

Neuro Activation!
Neuro Activation!
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YOU will get more Energy, Flexible & Stronger IN SECONDS!

We are launching Neuroflex Balancing Activation (NBA) Neuro-Myo-Fascial-Energetic Soft Tissue Work& Energy Fusion Movement (EFM) Dynamic & Static Meridian Yoga Chi Kung-Pilates-Yoga-Primal FlowHybrid Healing Movement Forms. Both NBA & EFM methods were created by Eldon Wingay, RMT, NBA.

The Neuroflex Balancing Activation - Energy Fusion Movement Solution is mainly effective for the General Population from young children to seniors for Mobilizing Energy & Preserving Health by increasing physical flow intelligence literacy.

It is also good for those who are Athletes, Runners, Yoga/Pilates Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Exercise Instructors, Dancers & Martial/Movement/Performance Artists FOR FEELING FAST BodyMind Energy Transformation for Enhancing Performance & Preventing Injuries.

In this demonstration, Eldon is giving a limited number of FREE Pain, Postural Assessments & Treatment Plans & presenting a Healing Energy Fusion Movement exercise form.

To increase your Mobility, Strength & Body Reshaping Energy without pumping up, loud music, sweating, bootcamps, gyms or machines, you will get to work in with a Neuroflex Meridian Yoga Form called"Spring Opens Moving Green".

This exercise form is for releasing Neck, Thoracic Spine, Chest, Shoulder, Scapular, Elbow & Wrist Stiffness Increasing Range of Motion Mobility & for opening mid line energy centers & channels.

This dynamic meridian yoga form is also helpful for opening up, relieving energy blockage stagnation & stimulating energy flow in the Etheric Field (Aura), Chakra, NeuroMyoFascial Tissue & Acupuncture Meridian systems.

IF YOU are seriously interested in this Meetup,YOU Must both RSVP YES to attend the presentation & re-confirm early morning on the day of the event by emailing, calling or texting me at[masked]. Thank you.

Neuroflex Balancing Activation (NBA) is an advanced "Neuro Bodywork Healthy Fit Solution" for Reshaping Your BodyMind Energy IN SECONDS!

NBA & EFM are revolutionizing & accelerating the Health, Wellness, Fitness & Movement industries with their uncanny effectiveness & speedy powerful high level life results.


*** The Reciprocal Commitment-Clarity Procedure.

To facilitate & respect people's precious time, please re-confirm early in the morning the same day as the Meetup date by emailing, calling or texting me at[masked] to ensure clarity for both parties involved regards to going - not going.

If you re-confirm that you are going to show up, I will respectfully reciprocate. The other option equally applies.

Thank you for your understanding. ***

See YOU 7:00 pm Mon. Jan. 16, 2017! Tim Horton's, 860 York Mills Rd.

Please purchase coffee, tea or some food there to support the venue. Thank you.


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