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What we’re about

Interested in technology, neuroscience, and the bettering of humanity? Well, say no more! NeuroTechHa is your NeuroTechX's local chapter, a global network of engineers, designers, scientists, and hackers devoted to discovering the countless mysteries of the human brain and nervous system!

From medical to consumer devices, we’ll talk about ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ the brain. (e.g. EEG, tDCS, TMS, DBS, ...) We’ll discuss about the technology and science, but also its impact on our society and the ethics. From Hackers to Researchers we want to provide a framework that will catalyze the growth of the neurotech enthusiasts network. If you call yourself a cyborg, neurohacker, neuroengineer, neurodesigner, a BCI evangelist, or if you want to learn what any/all of those words/phrases mean, come to our any of our events!
– Join the conversation on Slack, Facebook & Twitter and play an active role in the future of neurotechnology.

For event updates and community discussion, please join #_hamilton Slack channel