What we're about

Hello Los Angeles!

NeuroTechLA (https://twitter.com/NeuroTechLA) is the Los Angeles chapter of NeuroTechX (https://twitter.com/NeuroTechX), a global network of engineers, designers, scientists, and hackers devoted to discovering the countless mysteries of the human brain and nervous system! Each chapter has their own flavor, this is ours..

Who is this meetUp aimed at?

This meetUp is aimed at builders, engineers, designers, scientists and hackers.

We will be getting our hands dirty, and though not required, having experience with hacking, building and general technical knowhow helps.

What topics will we be covering?

Within the confines of science, technology to interact with, repair and enhance the human brain and nervous system.

What does this meetUp care about?

We care about giving exposure to the latest ideas and techniques in bona fide neuroTechnology.

What's the tone?

Depending on the format (workshop or discussion), the spirit is low pressure, engaging and informative.

What's the format here?

Looking out a year, a mix of expert presentations 2-4x/year, guided workshops 4-6x/year and hack nights 4-6x/year.

How often will this meetUp run?

We are committed to once a month in the interim, and then organically scaling up based upon demand.


If any of this resonates with you, join our next meeting! Also, don't forget to join the conversation on Slack (https://neurotechx.slack.com/) /Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/neurotechx) /Twitter (https://twitter.com/NeuroTechLA) and play an active role in the future of neuroTechnology.

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