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NeuroTechLDN is part of the NeuroTechX network. This group is to discuss about NeuroTechnology like Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI). From medical devices to EEG consumer devices like the InteraXon's Muse, the OpenBCI board, the Emotiv's EPOC & Insight, the Neurosky's Mindwave we'll talk about 'reading' the brain. What about 'writing' the brain ? tDCS, TMS, DBS, ... Thync, Foc.us, ...

Why not talk about NeuroEthics ? Should we 'zap' our brains ? Drugs can be smart ? Can they make me smarter ?

From Hackers to Researchers we want to provide a framework that will catalyze the growth of the NeuroTech enthusiasts network. We want to raise awareness and engage with people outside these fields that have no idea what's going on in the field of neurotechnology. (If you didn't understand anything described above, but are curious, join us.)

Because each city should have it's own personal NeuroTech community and connect with other NeuroTechX nodes around the world !


Join the conversation on Slack (https://neurotechx.herokuapp.com/), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/NeuroTechX/) & Twitter (https://twitter.com/neurotechx) and play an active role in the future of DIY NeuroTech. (send a PM message to one of the organizers with your name, email and why you would like to join!)

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