NeuroTechX London first meetup

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The London chapter of NeurotechX is meeting up for the first time thanks to a partnership with the NERRI project! Our aim is to bring together all neurotech enthusiasts, and to foster the creation of a local community for networking, learning and collaboration.

For this initial meetup, we want to know what the community is up to. We'll start with a series of three-minute flash talks, giving you the opportunity to introduce your current neurotech project, idea or research (please make it understandable to non-academics, i.e. no jargon), or simply to say why you love the topic.

After that we'll have a chance to get to know each other a bit better.

If you're willing to give a talk, please send an email to [masked] and we'll arrange you a slot.

Please take into account that RSVP is mandatory and you won't be allowed to enter the building if you don't book your place.

Current agenda and speakers:

• Imre Bard (NeurotechX/LSE): Imre is a Ph.D. student focused on the ethical side of cognitive enhancement. He will welcome us to the LSE and talk about the NERRI project ( which revolves around the idea of responsible research and use of neuro-enhancement.

• Javier Asensio-Cubero (NeurotechX): Javier is an entrepreneur devoted to brain-computer interfacing and neurofeedback. He will talk about NeurotechX and give a brief introduction about neurotechnolgy.

• Ana Matrán-Fernández (NeurotechX/Brainstormers): Ana is a Ph.D. candidate, neurotech entrepreneur and the team leader of the University of Essex's Cybathlon ( team. She will be talking about Cybathlon and the experience of taking her team to the mock race celebrated in Zurich last July.

• Davide Valeriani (NeurotechX/Eyewink): Davide is the co-founder of Eyewink (, a start-up formed after winning the first Hack the brain ( hackathon last year. He will talk about how they are working on controlling your smartphone with eye winks.

• Ramón Argüello (Neuralcubes/Twitter): Ramón is the CTO of Neuralcubes (, a start-up focused on neurofeedback and consumer applications. He will talk about the Lates NeurotechX exhibition, which his company contributed to and where he was one of the key developers.

• Daniel Forde (NeuroLaunch UK): Daniel is a graduate in both neuroscience and business, and one third of the founding team of NeuroLaunch UK. He will discuss the interface of neurotech and entrepreneurship, ways to nurture neurotech enterprise going forward, and the acceleration of neurotech startups by NeuroLaunch (

• Andrew Vladimirov (Hackspace Brain Hackers): Andrew is a neurscience Ph.D. private consultant and co-founder of London Brain Hackers ( group at Hackspace. He'll be talking about the group and what they do, in particular regarding neurostimulation.

• Florian Kolbl (University of Essex): Florian is working on electrical stimulation of the nervous system. This technique enables therapeutic solution for different pathological contexts. He will talk about his research and how he developed different novel architectures for implants and models to systematise the design of future implants.

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