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neurotech sf vr code night with WebXR, EEG, Oculus GO, mysql, & Neural Networks
neurotech sf vr code night: We are building code with things like WebXR, WebVR, Three.js, Brainduino EEG, Oculus GO, Raspberry Pi Zero W, MySQL, Tensorflow, and Blockchain. Check this out:[masked] an example of WebVR software with EEG, with FFT, it's a scatter plot spectrogram in VR, that our meetup has helped to build over weeks and months, it runs in Oculus Go or any device that has a webVR browser: Lets WebXR for Brain Computer Interfaces. Lets figure out how to send streaming user data and brain activity data into a neural network to train it to predict what the user is doing based on what biometric sensors are detecting. The story so far: Ring Door Bell to get in. Look around for a sign that says "neurotech sf vr code night" We have successfully achieved connecting EEG to the Oculus Go via WebVR, we have also integrated FFT (Fast fourier transform) into the code, we are collecting time stamped user action data, and time stamped eeg data for the neural network portion of the project. We have replaced the original server written in Python with a new server written in GO. Watch the Neural Lace Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 NeuroTechX and OpenEIT with Jean Rintoul to get the big picture vision of what we want to accomplish. New! If you really want to be up to date please also watch the Neural Lace Podcast S2 E2 with Jules Urbach Our objective is to merge Brain Machine Interfaces with WebXR, AR VR headsets, Machine Learning (Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain and more. To create new core medical technologies. 1. Create a plane based spectrogram that allows us to modify the vectors in the mesh. Create intense visuals: something like this with scaling spheres and wave like color flows but reacting to brainwaves 2. Reconnect & capture the time stamped user data (ie the user is looking at Cube3 at 9:05:47pm) and the time stamped EEG data from the VR headset, send it into a free cloud based database (could be mysql or non-relational db, or neuropype or, and use collected data to train a neural network (like tensorflow or ptorch or we could use baidu ez dl) 3. Broadcast our EEG server & html page to the open web so we are not using local hosts. (We will be sending the data to the Valis server to be our webhost, DB, and Neural Network server. 4. Set up the Pi zero w for SSH and also migrate a version of the EEG server & html to the Raspberry Pi Zero W. 5. Secure the medical data (EEG) on the blockchain with Kara app by OasisLabs Previously: We made significant progress at the July 29th, 2018 meetup: We were able to cause voltages from the skin to move objects in WebVR. Be excellent to each other: Assume everyone else could be more knowledgeable about WebXR or 3D technology than you are. Never assume that women or other minorities or anyone else knows less than you about any topic! Assume you are among the best and brightest in the world, because the best and brightest in the world actually do come to the Noisebridge Hackerspace, NeurotechSF meetups, and SF VR meetups regularly. Getting here: Other links including the Github and our online groups:


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