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NeuroTechSLC is the Salt Lake City chapter of the international NeuroTechX ( http://neurotechx.com/ ) network: a community of passionate and motivated learners with an avid enthusiasm toward the interaction between technology and humanity.

Do you want discover the mysteries of the human brain and the nervous system and to keep up to pace with the most recent developments in NeuroTechnology? Do you want to learn which techniques potentiate NeuroTech developments (e.g.: TMS, EEG, tDCS, DBS, ...) and to get an insight on the tools involved (e.g.: Signal Processing, BigData, Machine Learning, ...)?

What about getting your hands-on neuro-monitoring and neuro-modulation devices and be able to create Brain Computer Interfaces?

Our goal is to provide you the platform to create a diverse and strong Community where all of this will be possible. Featuring celebrated speakers from Utah, our local chapter meetings will provide a comfortable environment for you to share your curiosities with like-minded members. We will also support tutorials and hack nights allowing the members to collaborate on innovative projects.

Each one of you, as a member, can make a difference in the growth of the NeuroTechSLC Community. If you have any suggestions for a discussion topic or project, feel free to email any of the Admins.

Whether you are an expert or an enthusiast of technologies, help us bringing this Community to our amazing city.

Be a part of the movement and join the conversation on Slack ( https://neurotechx.herokuapp.com/ ).

Follow us on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/NeuroTechX/ ) and Twitter ( http://twitter.com/NeuroTechSLC ) and play an active role in shaping your community!

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Neurotech Buzz in Review 2022

Online event

It's that time of the year again... NeuroTechX's third annual Buzz In Review global event series is back!

Join the SLC chapter of NTX as we discuss the latest and greatest neurotechnological developments that 2021 offers. If you are passionate about the latest breakthroughs in neurotechnology and their applications, this event is for you - whether you are a student, researcher, or a professional working in the field, this is a great learning and networking opportunity for everyone.

Join us for the SLC version of BIR2022, and be part of a global and fast-growing community from all over the world!

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Brains and Brews

Squatters Pub Brewery

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