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NeuroTechTO - the Toronto chapter of the international NeuroTechX (http://neurotechx.com/) network: a community of passionate and motivated learners with an avid enthusiasm toward the interaction between technology and humanity.

Featuring celebrated researchers and innovative tech gurus from the Toronto community, our local chapter meetings provide a comfortable environment for you to share your curiosities with like-minded members.

We aim to discuss a wide range of topics, including current BCI devices available to consumers and researchers, as well as many other forms of brain-based technology. Our upcoming hack nights will allow for our members to collaborate on innovative projects, supported by the wide-spread NeuroTechTO and NeuroTechX membership. Have a suggestion for a topic or project? Feel free to email bryan@neurotechx.com!

From hackers to researchers; we want to provide a framework that will catalyze the growth of a network of neurotech enthusiasts in Toronto. In doing so, we will raise awareness and engage with people not familiar with the burgeoning field of neurotechnology, and will create opportunities for collaborative, experiential learning.

Be a part of the movement and join the conversation on Slack (https://neurotechx.herokuapp.com/).

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Previous speakers:

Luca Pisterzi, Canadian Partnerships Against Cancer

Calden Wloka, York University

Nick Frosst, Google Inc.

Francis Jeanson, Ontario Brain Institute

Kry Lui, Interaxon

Dr. Milos Popovic, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and Myndtec Inc.

Sam MacKenzie, Interaxon

Dr. Faranak Farzan, CAMH

Dr. Vera Nenadovic, Brainsview

Alborz Rezazadeh, PRISM Lab

Kirusha Srimohanarajah, Synaptive Medical

Dr. Salam Gabran, Novela Inc.


Sponsors/community supporters:

Pizza Pizza (http://pizzapizza.ca)

Paytm Labs (http://paytmlabs.com)

Bnotions (http://bnotions.com)

RED Academy (http://redacademy.com/)

King Ventures (http://www.kingventures.io/)

Hacklab.to (http://hacklab.to)

DIYBIO TO (http://diybio.to/)

Centre for Social Innovation (prev)

Upcoming events (1)

NeuroTechX Showcase - Applications (hardware and software)

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Dear NeuroTechX enthusiast,
after a successful season 1 I'd like to invite you to follow season2's livecasts :

NeuroTechX Showcase: Applications (hardware and software)


This brand new season is dedicated to custom projects from all over Canada, with a special focus on Toronto's community but touching upon projects with multiple partners in North America and beyond.
You will see groundbreaking demos and prototypes and learn about new technologies (both hardware and software) related to wearable systems, augmented reality, Brain Computer Interfaces, clinical EEG, arts and body telemetries and much more...
Come and learn with us about the devil in the details.


Episode 4: Ore Ogundipe and Eden Redman

Eden will take us through a smorgasbord of hardware and software neurotech projects he has worked on over the past several years; neuroimaging in the contexts of biking, virtual reality, low-cost synchronous body and eye tracking, visual arts, and language learning. Recounting his COVID-led shift from a purely academic approach to neuroscience to that of a hybrid of industry and academia. He will briefly introduce his non-profit organization NeurAlbertaTech and the support it offers for innovation in full stack neurotech. Ending off on the scope of his future directions and open discussions.

In his talk, Ore will be walking us through his journey as an outsider breaking into the neurotech space, highlighting learnings from early projects and introducing the upcoming mobile EEG data collection study (https://neurotech-challenge.com) in collaboration with CAMH, OpenBCI & NeurotechX!


Ore is a software engineer who loves to bring ideas to life. He currently works on the Machine Learning infrastructure for Microsoft's Data Platform & Growth organization. In between many passions, he's been contributing to open source efforts like eeg-notebooks, while also exploring neuro-data projects, like analysing daily experience and decision making using quantified self techniques.

Eden is the CEO of RemBRAINdt, a neurotechnology company that is rapidly developing the new frontier of live neuro-entertainment. RemBRAINdt allows users at live events to create customizable brain-generated art and take home high-quality prints!
Also the Executive Director of NeurAlbertaTech, Eden leads the province’s premiere neurotechnology innovator network, focused on promoting interdisciplinary research and innovation in the neurotech space.

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