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Hi, welcome to the Neuroscience Zone. Neuroscience is the study of our brain and nervous system. It’s a very exciting field and there are many important discoveries over the past twenty years and new studies almost every day.

My interest in Neuroscience is in the practical everyday usage to more easily effect change in our lives. Many of us grow up and basically remain the same person we’ve been since childhood because people don’t believe they can change once they are set in their ways. Recent advances in Neuroscience show people can and do change. It takes effort and desire along with the courage to face your fears and a passion to achieve your dreams.

I’m anticipating we will have a mix of people who are new to Neuroscience, people with an interest, those who have been following Neuroscience for years and perhaps we could find a few people who are in the Neuroscience field to drop in.

The objective of our Neuroscience group is as follows:
- Increase knowledge of the brain and nervous system.
- Highlight interesting articles and books.
- Share information about Neuroscience.
- Create a Neuroscience community to help ourselves, people we know, and society as a whole.
- Determine how we can use Neuroscience to improve in business, relationships, decision making, mindset, achieving goals, family life, and our everyday lives.

Let’s have some fun and learn, grow as individuals and support each other in a community of people who are interested in serving others and ourselves.

I’m looking forward to meeting each of you soon!

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