What we're about

Calling all Dr. Joe Dispenza students and fans to come together for a bi-weekly study group inspired by Dr. Joe's books, lectures and meditations. We'll share our insights, discuss, review and read his various books.

We'll get a chance to share with one another what led us to the work and share our personal journey's. The hope is to create a powerful heart coherent local group of people to hold space for each others learning and journeying. The future of this group could go many directions, one idea is to come together and participate as a group in the global heart coherent meditations taking place worldwide.

If you are new to Dr. Joe's work, that is ok, we are all at different places and the group setting is intended to be supportive of each and every member. Anyone interested in learning and diving into the work is welcome to join us. Bi-weekly meetings will be held at a local coffeeshop or somewhere outdoors. Location may change based on the groups size and needs. Let's tune in and support each other to create the life of our dreams.

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