What we're about

We are citizen activists who work toward limited government and support peaceful civil disobedience only when necessary.

We are fighting centralization of government, militarization of our police, Agenda 21, Common Core, NDAA, the Patriot Act, higher taxes, and the ever increasing government control over our lives.

We will work to support legislation that restores government by and for the people, and restrained by the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution.

We want a full audit of the privately owned Federal Reserve, which is stealing the wealth of our nation and our people.

We will not support politicians who steal our freedoms or who vote yes to any legislation that does.

Our focus is on education and activism in the following areas:


The 2nd Amendment/gun rights


Food Freedom


Natural Health


Agenda 21/Common Core

We are interested in forming coalitions with any/all groups who promote liberty. PANDA, homeschool groups, etc...

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