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Never Not Doing Things (NNDT) is a free-to-play Denver CO based social activity organization, whose mission is to better our World by building an appreciation for global and local conservation, community and arts by providing like-minded individuals the opportunity to LEARN.

LIVE – First and foremost, we all need the capacity to appreciate the World. The ONLY way that this is possible is if we uppercase-LIVE in it, not just lowercase-live in it. Get out and LIVE.

Our goal is to help you live your best life by facilitating many free/discounted experiences (from hiking and skiing to art shows and live music) organized and filled with others who share your passions.

EDUCATE – We believe that there is “no evolution without education”. How do I get into beekeeping? What do I need to know about winter camping? How can I become a recycling superstar? These are all questions that align with our Purpose (and coincidentally, all classes that we shared). Never Not Doing Things has a network of in-house and partner classes and educational experiences (many for free/donation) to help you figure out (or refresh) YOUR purpose.

ACT – Take a cue from Shia and “Just DO It” The thing is, he is 100% correct…“Yesterday you said tomorrow”. We make it easy for you to do it…whatever it is. We set up the experience and location. We work with our partners for discounts and group benefits. We use current online and social networking platforms to mitigate any complications for you so you can just get involved. That being said, we allow for multiple levels of involvement, so there is always plenty for anyone who wants to go the extra mile through further volunteering, organizing, hosting or just being an ambassador for our various causes.

RESOURCE – We offer many opportunities to provide support for our mission. We value and treasure anything you can offer, whether it be donations of time, money or just expertise. That’s right…if you fancy yourself an expert whatever-er, talk to one of our Leadership Team about opportunities to share your expertise and passion with our members and friends. In addition to the fell-goddedness of putting people on to what you love, becoming a NNDT expert has the potential for group fringe benefits including (but not limited to); cool schwag, discounted memberships, free admissions and sometimes cold hard cash. We are also looking for experts to write articles for our in-development blog that is good exposure for anyone looking to expand his/her/their portfolio.

But, also…we really need money. I know, sore topic. But the lights need to be kept on somehow. While we try to keep your cost at the bare minimums, we do appreciate any donation that you think we deserve.

NETWORK – The key element of NNDB. Build on the network. This works in a couple of ways. First, our Leadership Team networks with local organizations to build partnerships that are mutually beneficial, and provide NNDT members (you) with the best, mission friendly experiences and little to no cost. Secondly, our members (you) spread the word (through social media, word of mouth, and just regular attendance) to build on our free-to-play membership. Basically, the more people we have participating in some form or fashion, the more incentive bigger organizations have to partner with us to provide you with the goods.

What do we mean by free-to-play? It will always be 100% free to be a part of Never Not Doing Things. While we may provide premium memberships and merchandise/experiences may have a cost (though we will also always provide a ton of free stuff), you will never be forced to pay us for our basic services.

Share your experiences:
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Standard Cancellation Policy:

In the event of a venue cancellation, we will do our best to reschedule the event or issue refunds, decision based on group consensus. If you do not give your preference by the original event date, you will be considered a no show and forfeit your spot to allow for attendance to be maximized. If your spot is filled, you will be refunded, if your spot is not filled you will lose your payment.

In the case of participant cancellation, participant will be responsible for transferring their admission to another person and managing payment of transfer. Upon request, Never Not Doing Things will attempt to fill vacated spot and if someone can be found, original participant will be refunded. Never Not Doing Things makes no promises regarding filling a vacated spot. Due to the nature of business and that we typically work with venues to find large discounts for a large group purchase, Never Not Doing Things cannot be held responsible in the case of participant cancellation. Think of your spot as a transferable concert ticket. It is up to you to ensure that ticket is used. Stubhub will not issue refunds if you can not attend.

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