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This group is operated by (New City Library) (7/29/2019).

Join us at New City Library as we explore a variety of topics, hold concerts and display art. Please note that New City is in Rockland County, New York.

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Art Workshop: Drawing from Nature Session 3: Tea Stained Drawings

Participants will draw favorite objects from nature and use tea stained water for values. Registration link: https://newcity.librarycalendar.com/events/art-workshop-drawing-nature-0

Fashion and Beauty in Ancient Rome: What's the Newest Toga Trend?

In ancient Roman times, beauty and fashion were as relevant as they are now. Whether Empress or farmer, both men and women had styles that changed throughout the decades. Discover what items would be in your closet 2,500 years ago, as well as the "newest" toga, hairstyle, and makeup trends throughout the Roman empire. Registration link: https://newcity.librarycalendar.com/events/fashion-and-beauty-ancient-rome-whats-newest-toga-trend

Introduction to Interior Design

New City Library

Educator and author Marcie Cooperman discusses the connections between colors and how they are used to set the mood of your home. Registration link: https://newcity.librarycalendar.com/events/introduction-interior-design-0

The Blood Sports of Gladiators, Chariot Races and Secrets of The Colosseum

Entertainment during the Roman Empire looked quite different than what we seek in modern times. This program explores who a gladiator actually was (professional vs slave), how the Colosseum provided a world-renowned stage for these shows, and the various types of gladiatorial spectacle. We explore the Roman Colosseum, unearthing its secrets and trap doors, imagining what it must have been like for a gladiator in the arena to face a wild animal from the far reaches of the Roman Empire. Register below for the Zoom information. https://newcity.librarycalendar.com/events/blood-sports-gladiators-chariot-races-and-hidden-secrets-colosseum

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