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Guided tours to various landmarks to discuss our history and what makes America great. For many of us, our American pride has been challenged these last few years and I want to share with y'all what keeps me patriotic. All events are free and bicycles are available for rent from starting locations. My goal is to create a safe social environment that supports and inspires intellectual discourse.

Every member of this group is an event organizer. Feel free to use this group as a platform to teach and inspire through guided tours.

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Bike Ride Lower Manhattan, Visit Historic Districts - Calling all Volunteers

Summary: Experimental Meetup for participant - contributers. I will plan out and lead the ride route, but need help with history material, choose from list below.


I'd like to find some volunteers to help do a ride of lower Manhattan. There is a lot to do when doing a tour ride and its not possible for a singe person to handle it all, so we need some volunteers. I'm willing to handle most of the technical parts including mapping and determining the route, but I need some help in putting together content for the ride. I'd like to have volunteers that can pick a group of historic districts from the list below and find a block or two that is particularly representative and give short summary.

Below is a google mymap link to some of the neighborhoods. I've been putting the map together based on the New York Landmark Preservation Comission website using the link below. The nice thing about the google mymap is it can be further customized and overlayed on your mobile google maps so you can see where you are and get directions.

Google mymap:

Google mymap with clickable links:

New York Landmark Preservation Commission map:

Wikimapia is an excellent source of information for individual buildings. the popular areas of NYC are very documented on it. The app works very well on smartphones:

I made a list of the Historic Districts we need volunteers to help research, They are mostly groups of two related places:

1. Ken Volunteered - New Amssterdam boundary, Fraunces Tavern and Stone Street
2 South Street Seaport, African Burial Grounds and Commons
3 Tribeca, Cast Iron District
4 Greenwich Village Historic District, Chelsea, West Chelsea Historic District
5 St Marks, East 10th Street Historic District
6 Ladies' Mile Historic District, Madison Square
7 NoHo Historic District, East Village Lower East Side
8 Ama Volunteered - Gramercy Park, Stuyvesant Square Historic District
9 Murray Hill Historic District, Sniffen Court
10 Tudor City Historic District , Turtle Bay Gardens Historic District

I think a 2 minute talk about each would good target for the presentation, that about 250 words. The 2 minute presentation is the classic pitch used in business to sell a new idea,any more exceeds most peoples attention spans.

EDIT: I've thought about the 2minute speech. maybe its better to have a 1 minute summary, then give the expanded two minute version if situtation warrants.

There is lots of info on the New York landmarks site and places like wikipedia. If your family has a personal connection to an area we would love to hear about it. You should also pick out a block in the area where we can stop for the talk. find a place with a good view of historic places, wide sidewalks where we can stop and not antagonize the locals too much. I marked a couple places with red squares on the map.

I really don't know if this is an effective way to run a meetup. would love to hear sugguestions. post below or message me.

I'm not going to open this meetup for rsvps for a while but you can post to discussion. Date could change too. If you look around on the map we have the potential for 3 more meetups like this.

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