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Shamanic Aromatherapy & Sound Healing Journey

Once intentions are set, Marie lovingly anoints each participant with therapeutic grade essential oils that will ignite plant medicine as your ally. Next is the embarking on a relaxing and insightful Shamanic Journey. This safely guided voyage will connect you with guides and totems, and may give insights to your daily art of living.

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Mindful Crafting

Bee Present Wellness

Tuesdays February 19-26,[masked]:30 - 8:30 PM We all lead busy lives, work, kids, parents, groceries, taking care of our homes, run-run-run. Our society is all about multi-tasking. How many times have you worked on your computer while “watching” tv at the same time? If you are a crafter you are probably familiar with working on a project while watching TV, or redirecting the kids or perhaps you haven’t even found a way to spend a few minutes working on that project in ages. Well, here’s your opportunity! Jennifer Daggs, of Kerensamere Studios, is leading a Mindful Crafting sessions weekly! Mindful Crafting is a new movement that is gaining popularity around the globe. The concept is simple: work on your craft and nothing else, be present and mindful of what you are doing only. It’s actually a form of meditation. This is particularly great for those that want to try meditation but don’t know how or can’t stand to sit still and do nothing for any measurable period of time. Here you can sit amongst other creatives and just do your craft, no interruptions for one hour, just bask in the process! Bring your project and supplies and join us at the Beehive. Jennifer will lead the group in a quick check-in followed by a centering meditation and then we will quietly work on our projects for an hour. Don’t have a project at the moment? Jennifer will provide adult coloring books and colored pencils! At the end of the hour we will clean up our projects and enjoy light refreshments and conversation. We will meet weekly, so we will be building a community in the process. To help build this community members of the Mindful Crafting group will be invited to join a private Facebook page where Jennifer will share tips on and articles about mindful crafting along with other inspiring images, quotes and ideas about creativity. Members are invited to share things on the page that they find inspiring or related to mindful crafting as well as photos of their own projects in progress and of course photos of completed projects! More details: > Projects should be quiet, no power tools or noisy processes please. > If your process is messy please bring a drop cloth to go under your work area to make clean up easier. > Tables and chairs will be provided, plenty of floor space is available. > We may have music playing quietly, but we ask that you hold your conversations until the end, respect that others are trying to be mindful of their own work. Investment: Drop in $12 per night with cash or check please. Meet Jennifer A self proclaimed life-long artist, Jennifer Daggs has been creating things with her hands for as long as she can remember. She started selling her artwork when she was in elementary school. Since then she has taken numerous courses in art and crafts over the years, including taking an Art Minor to go with her degree in English/Communications from Lebanon Valley College. Now she specializes in stained glass jewelry, sculpture and mobiles in her home studio in New Cumberland. In 2018 Jennifer launched her Creative Women’s Play Dates at Bee Present Wellness, offering monthly arts and crafts workshops. A newly Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach Jennifer will be continuing to offer her Play Dates as well as a Mindful Crafting series and other workshops at Bee Present in 2019 and beyond.

Community Full Moon Circle

Bee Present Wellness

The full moon has long been a source of great power and mystery. Beautifully illuminating the night sky, our closest celestial neighbor gives us the chance to set positive intentions and initiate balance in mind, emotions, body, and spirit. Come join Melinda and Sean for this Community Full Moon Circle gathering and Sound Meditation. Harness the energies of Healing, Harmony, and Transformation! Investment: $15 cash or check (to Bee Present Wellness), please. Meet Sean Gross Licensed & registered massage therapist, Gong practitioner, Studied Shamanic Energy work & Reiki with Jaque Hanson and I have also learned Shamanic Journeying. Currently, Sean is learning more about New Culture, their events and facilitating their events and ones like them. Meet Melinda Dunmire Certified holistic health and wellness coach through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. Psychic medium and spiritual advisor. Intuitive studies with Maggie Salter and Cecelia Jackson. Reiki Master studies with Erica Jo Shaffer, Volunteer at Amethyst Retreat Center. Founder, coordinator, and facilitator of Soul Sister & Soul Balance Retreats and gatherings.

New Paradigm Meditation

Bee Present Wellness

Via The School of Esoteric Sciences the Beehive brings you to the New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation™ Meditations, Energetic Activations, Past Lives Clearings, General Clearings and most importantly the opportunity to embrace an enormous amount of Spiritual Evolution. John Armitage aka Baba Das is the founder and spiritual director for this institute. John, a former monk, has been facilitating different trainings for decades in the UK, Bulgaria, France, Romania, Netherlands , Peru, Egypt, other countries and many states in the USA. The central core of this evolutionary system is Love and Freedom. Love for oneself and an innate knowingness of one’s connection with Mother/Father God and all of Creation. Freedom from all that stands in the way of that knowingness. Freedom to know who you are, to step into your power, and to step into your Mastery. Freedom from the illusion of fear and the illusion of separation from God and all things. Under this system activations are personal. These are not blanket or one-size-fits-all activations. What does it mean to be a Master? It does not mean power over others. It simply means being a Master of oneself, as any true Master will tell you. What may you expect to work with in these New Paradigm Meditation gatherings? > Akashic Records work > Excess and work with different dimensions > Work with the Brotherhood of Light and many other Ascended Masters > Angel weaving exercises > Align with your Christ Consciousness > Excess crystalline structures > Gridwork activations > Create grid via vibrational sound: mantra or toning > Activation of your Merkabah In 2002 Jaque opened up to then called Shamballa Multidimensional Healing. This modality provided her with much more then a healing modality. In her first training Jaque embraced a clear path and expansion of her intuition. This is one of the multitude of benefits from New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation™. Exchange: $25 by 2/22. After $35. Drop in cash or check please. Feel free to bring your own dinner, or some potluck food to share, if you are coming over from work. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-paradigm-meditation-tickets-550062612 Meet Jaque Jaque Hanson is the founder and spiritual director of Bee Present Wellness in New Cumberland PA, Beehive Mystery School, Beehive Apprenticeship, Shamanic, Reiki and New Paradigm practitioner & teacher. Jaque is also an E-RYT Kundalini Yoga teacher, and Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy® practitioner. In addition Jaque loves to work with, wear and share authentic and certified Vogel Quartz Crystal Sacred Geometry Jewelry. Jaque believes that this is the time we have all been waiting for, and sees herself as a vessel, providing a safe container in which others may peel back their outer layers, and allow their True Radiance to Emerge and Shine.

The Green Witch's Tea Party

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You won’t even realize you’re learning with this dashing lady of the transmundane! The fun is in the teaching with this lavish tea party. You will enjoy proper loose leaf herbal and black teas, being enjoyed in the comfort of a warm and delightful soiree. Bring your friends and while Tea is being prepared, your esoteric hostess will explain the history, lore, and love of the symbols used in Tea leaf reading. Drinking and enjoying the tea infuses it with the energy of your possible futures. After the Tea is finished, we will explore what awaits you at the bottom of your cup and in your future! Amy will be available for book signing and to sell her teas after the presentation. Investment: Cost will include a covered tea cup that comes with its own lose tea infuser. Early Bird $56 by 2/16. After $66. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-green-witchs-tea-party-tickets-55874306555 Meet Amy Amy Blackthorn, Author of “Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic: The green witch’s guide to essential oils for spellcraft, ritual and healing. I began my study of the magic of plants as an inquisitive child roaming the jungles of my overgrown childhood yard, making forts for pirate treasure, mad scientist laboratories to hybridize the mint and azaleas to do my bidding and more. This grew into a love of horticulture and magic, and as an adult, I found a way to blend them both into a single life's work, helping people find the magic around them in the every day botanicals they carried in their pockets, in the bottles of essential oils that many people are already using. I've appeared on HuffPost Live, Yahoo News, the Associated Press and Top Ten Secrets and Mysteries (Episode "Supernatural Abilities"), and many other print interviews since discovering my passion over twenty-six years ago. If I can bring those smiles and that passion to someone else, I've done my job. Amy Blackthorn has been described as an “arcane horticulturalist” for her lifelong work with magical plants and teaching of hoodoo. She incorporates her experiences in British Traditional Witchcraft with her horticulture studies. She has a certification in aromatherapy and is ordained through the Gryphon’s Grove School of Shamanism. Amy’s company, Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends, creates tea based on old Hoodoo herbal formulas. She lives in Delaware. You can view Amy’s tea shop at blackthornhoodooblends.com. Accolades First published in a peer-reviewed journal at 16 years of age. Bridging the Gap: Wiccan holy tides and their Christian counterparts,1997 Student of the Year- 1999 Took third place in a national criminology writing competition (Lambda Alpha Epsilon, 2012. Existentialism and Recidivistic Offenders.) Phi Theta Kappa[masked] Contributed – Walking With the Gods: Moderns People Talk about Deities, Faith and Recreating Ancient Traditions. By W. D. Wilkerson. 2014 Connaissance Sankofa Media, Inc. Interview

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