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This Meetup Group is for Product Designers from every industry, whether you are a Student planning to make a career in this Digital Age, or you are the one who has all the knowledge when it comes to Website Design but doesn't know how you can turn your knowledge into an actual product and help business around you to grow. This meetup also focuses on Teachers and Working Employees for about how they can improve their workflow and achieve more in less time. The Future is Codeless! and that's the main objective of this Meetup, How you can create Modern sites with amazing and smooth animation with ease and tell a brand story the way you want!
Join us in our upcoming New Delhi Webflow Meetup Event to Experience the Codeless Future.

PS: We are a Non-Profit Organizer, we dont make any profits from any of our Events

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The Freelancer's Journey and Codeless Future! - Webflow Meetup

DICE Academy | Graphics Design & Web Design Courses in Delhi

This Meetup/Event is the right thing for you to kick-start your Freelance Career and If you just wanna learn Webflow :) Join us, get inspired and motivated by one of the best Designers in the community. Get to know about a Freelancers Journey from Sending a proposal, Pitching your Client, to Finished Design and Development of an actual site, All in one go. feeling excited? .......Not yet? • The event will start off with a quick coding challenge for some of you coders out there. • Getting Started in UI Design by Abhinav Agrawal, The Senior Product Designer at Genpact. • Snacks, Food, and Drinks for all because we care! • Getting Started as a Freelance Designer by Ashish Kumar • Webflow Overview by Keshav Sharma. • Live Site Redesign and Development with Webflow by Keshav Sharma, Peoplewho.design and Ashish Kumar. This workshop will teach you and build your confidence to get started as a Freelancer, even if you don't you will learn a lot about a Web Designer profile and all the curriculums you need to work on to build your skillsets. We will, of course, have a query session for all you curious fellows ;) Our whole goal is to build a community and help amateurs to get started in this industry. I am excited to meet you all at the event. Cheers! PS: Feel free to ask about any queries down in the Discussions section, We are always here for you <3.

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