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Do you want to be on the leading edge of the new time energies on the planet at this time?

Do you want to help yourself shift from compulsively avoiding being responsible to feeling stronger in your ability to be responsible for your experience?

Do you want to discover tools that can help you reveal more of the true expressive powerful spiritual being you are?

Do you want to meet like minded people on your wavelength who you can share and be yourself with?

The UK New Earth AuraTransformation Meetup is first and foremost a COMMUNITY of people caring for and supporting each other to share our passion to be our truest selves.

What matters is that you are open to being all you can be and you are open to doing something about it.

The Meetup is a synergy of two ideas

1) AuraTransformation

The process we call AuraTransformation is a new alternative therapy process to upgrade to a new energy platform which is designed to fully reflect our spiritual potential in the physical reality we are creating. Usually there will be some basic information presented about the planetary transition from a 3D soul energy platform to a 5D and evolving Spirit energy platform and the new aura structure.

During an AuraTransformation Session an Aura Mediator helps you to dissolve the layers of an outmoded and limiting aura structure, gather all your multi-dimensional spirit energy available very near to your physical body (as per the new 4D Indigo and 5D-13D Crystal Energy Operating Systems) and build up a new very grounding and protective energy field.

Some of the benefits of upgrading your aura via AuraTransformation are as follows:

• Improved Intuition/Direct Spirit Connection
• Energetic Integrity
• Karma set to Zero
• Consciousness Expansion
• Connection with Life Purpose
• Better relationships with children
• Expanded awareness and discernment of others' agendas
• Improved ability to be present
• Increased self confidence
• Greater drive and willpower
• Once in a lifetime treatment

2) Self-Empowerment

It is clear for many of us that now is a time to make up new rules for ourselves which support a life of ease and grace mirroring the truth of our divinity. For many hundreds of years on this planet we've been told what to do and how to think and this conditioning has separated us from our joy. The energy supporting this inhumanity is being displaced and it is clear that much we have held dear no longer offers any stability. It is time to ask ourselves what it means to be a leader on the planet during these great times of change?

Join this meetup because we intend on making it a WORLD CLASS hub and community for personal growth & development into the new time energies. The events will be well organised and feature speakers who are walking their talk. We will be making as MANY events as FREE as possible.

Join Now Below & RSVP to an event to reserve your spot.

Sebastian Lenain

The Story behind AuraTransformation by the founder Anni Sennov

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