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Greetings Dear One,
Welcome to the New Earth Center, (Ottawa).
This group has for it's Mission to help raise planetary consciousness, assist humanity to heal on a multitude of levels; physically,emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well as assist you in raising your own vibration.
For many years, it has been foretold of a great Age of Awakening that would shift the planet from a 3rd dimension of consciousness to a more unified earth.

This Group is also to help bring together people who are seeking to find and explore the deeper meaning to life than what is just on the surface layer.
Those who are askers and seekers of the bigger philosophical questions in life such as; ‘Who am I?’ ‘Where am I going?’ and ‘What is my Purpose?’ are encouraged to join us for thought provoking and stimulating conversations and discussions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere as well as attending workshops to help activate your higher consciousness capabilities and awareness to live a more fullfilling life.
Those that may be more ‘energy and frequency sensitive’ than others (HSP’s) ,or who have an interest in the study of Consciousness, Energy and Quantum Healing, Spirituality, Reiki, Law of Attraction, Psychic Phenomena, Remote viewing, Lucid Dreaming, 5D Earth, Timeline Healing, Quantum Jumping and ET Contact are encouraged to attend.
If you have had experiences in such topics and you are seeking to understand what lies deeper down the rabbit hole, please Join Us in this Discussion Group.

*Spaces Very Limited. Please RSVP. *

Special note:

Please be kind to other members, if you cannot make it for any reason, please change your RSVP as soon as possible to allow others to join in instead.


Laurine Bergeron-Hamel
New Earth Center (Ottawa) Organizer

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