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I'll be competing in this karaoke contest so I would appreciate your coming to root me on.

I qualified for the finals by singing a certain set of required songs in the months prior to this.

I'm not sure how many contestants there will be, but there could be as many as 30.

The contest starts at 5:30 PM, although I will arrive no later than 4:45. It would be better to arrive before the contest begins, although you can arrive at any time. The contest will end well before 1 AM, although karaoke will continue after the contest ends, until 1 if anyone wants to stay.

There will be 2 rounds, so each contestant gets to sing 2 songs, 1 in each round.

In one round, the singer chooses his song, and in another round the song is randomly picked for them. It's up to each contestant to decide in which round to sing the random song. The top 3 finalists after the first 2 rounds finish get to pick another song of their choice to sing.

The order that the contestants will sing in will be determined by a random draw, conducted just before the contest begins.

If you can't make it for the early part of the contest, consider coming later.

This should go on all evening long, and there will probably be regular karaoke if the contest ends before the bar closes.

There is no cover charge.

This is the first year that they have conducted a summer contest, but I have posted their spring contest for meetup all 4 years they have done THAT.

The winner of this contest will win $1000.

I am posting this event to many meetup groups.

The place should be packed, so I would appreciate anybody who can arrive before 5:30 to help me save seats.

I am posting this event for multiple meetup groups.

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