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Impact Aficionadas

NEIII is thrilled to partner with CapShift in hosting a conversation on Tuesday, June 25th at 6pm on activating Donor Advised Funds for Impact Investing!

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As Tim Freundlich from ImpactAssets notes: “DAFs are a great source of flexible, patient, and even non-commercial capital, and can play a critical role in helping innovative, early-stage companies move through their growth.” That said, we are still very much in the early days of catalyzing this capital for impact.

Please join us on Tuesday, June 25th for what we hope will be an engaging conversation with several local leaders of the DAF “ecosystem” here in Boston – including:

* Sarah Gelfand, Vice President, Social Impact Programs, Fidelity Charitable
* Adam Rein, Co-Founder, CapShift
* Ellen Remmer, Senior Partner at The Philanthropic Initiative; Champion, Invest for Better; President, The Remmer Family Foundation
* Deborah Frieze, Founder and President, Boston Impact Initiative
* Tory Dietel Hopps, Managing Partner, Dietel & Partners
* Anshul Krishan, Managing Director, Social Finance

RSVP here today!

Tuesday, June 25th
6pm- 8pm
100 Northern Avenue
Boston MA

We are very grateful to our colleagues at Goodwin for hosting us at their wonderful offices at 100 Northern Avenue

And many thanks to our friends at CapShift for sharing some great resources on DAFs:

• How to Use Donor-Advised Funds to Make Impact Investments — Discusses the actual steps for impact investing out of a DAF (

• Is Impact Investing the Next Big Thing for Donor-Advised Funds? — A scan of where the DAF market sits today and challenges for it to overcome (

• The Rise of DAFs: Three Reasons Why We Invested in CapShift and ImpactAssets — Highlights the benefits DAFs can bring to impact investing and provides more background about CapShift (